‘Pokémon Sun And Moon' Gameplay Mechanics: Players Demand Better Trainer Customization; 3DS Game 'Baby's First RPG'?

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" gameplay is expected to get improved mechanics as it arrives this 2016. Some players gathered some gameplay features that they want to see refreshed in the game when it launches. Here are five of the improvements that are suggested to be implemented in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" according to fans.

It has been established that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trainers are visible throughout the game. So, it is recommended that the new game should equip a greater trainer customization. The previous game does not allow much freedom on what avatars can wear and look that is why fans hope that they would have more options in customizing their own avatars.

Fans also like to see a mobile PC access in specific locations to come with "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Balance is one of the problems when using a PC so players like to see the PC gameplay mechanics overhauled. Players also prefer to be given the option to immediately transfer a newly caught Pokemon and use it in a weakened or half-healed state which can only be achieved if the PC system gets improved.

Walking Pokemons are also expected to be integrated in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Though it is not a necessity, players believe that it will make the game more interesting if walking Pokemons would offer candy rewards in Pokemon Go as what is stated in recent rumors.

Reports claimed that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is labeled as baby's first RPG based on the recent demos of the game. Players see this as a shame so they suggest that the game should come with designated settings such as novice, great, ultra and master. They also suggest to make the trainer Al smarter with stronger enemy Pokemons.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is also expected to improve on its HMs. Players claimed that HMs take up a move slot, leaving one monster that could still be finely tuned for future combats. With that said, players expect that the game developers make HMs work without taking up a move slot. Meanwhile, Get a Special Munchlax for "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon," watch this. 


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