The Top Gaming Consoles Of 2016

The year is about to close and most of the gadgets and flagship devices of different tech companies have been released. It's time to list down the best of in 2016.

This list of the best gaming consoles that made a killing in the market this year.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Codenamed the Neo, the updated version of the PS4 was first unveiled in September and later dropped in stores in November 2016.

The PS4 Pro has 4K support and HR signal. The graphics is even more impressive as compared to the PS4 plus it packs a lot of storage space with its 1TB hard drive.

The PlayStation 4, the Pro's predecessor, has already sold around 50 million units since it was released in 2013. Sony is hoping that the PS4 Pro will do as great before they roll out the PS5.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Another version of the PS4, the Slim packs all the good features of its predecessor into a slicker design. It also operates more quietly than previous PS devices. The DualShock4 that comes with the PS4 Slim is also better than the previous one. The $399 price tag is good enough for gamers on a strict budget.


Microsoft Xbox One S

The Xbox One S was released on August 2016. It is smaller than the first Xbox, which came out in 2013, making it slicker in design. It boasts the ability to play 4K video through streaming services and Ultra HD Blu-Rays. The One S also supports HDR contrast. The 500GB version costs $300 while the 2TB one sells for $400. If you want to buy discounted Xbox One S, don't forget to use the Microsoft Store coupon.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Released on Feb. 13, 2015, the 3D XL from Nintendo has a new 3D face-tracking ability that greatly improves its performance. However, the battery problem from the previous 3DS device makes a reappearance in the 3D XL.

The Nintendo 3D XL sells for at least $199 but the user needs to dole out another $10 for an official AC charger, which is not included in the box.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The big hit of 2016, the NES Classic Edition is a modern yet miniature take on the classic NES video game console that was popular in the 80s and 90s. The mini NES costs $60 but due to its scarcity, it commands hundreds and even a thousand on eBay.

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