For Honor Update: Xbox One Game DVR Blocked, New Hero Teaser Revealed

Since the official release of For Honor, Ubisoft has been quite passionate in releasing updates substantial for the game's overall development. Some were meant for fixing bugs while others were merely there for adding new features. Unfortunately, an update introduced by Microsoft to Xbox One resulted to stability issues within the game, which led to the studio's disheartening decision.

According to VG247, the recently released firmware update for Xbox One resulted to a couple of stability issues experienced in For Honor. In order to resolve the issue, the video game company has to resort in disabling some features until it gets resolved. It's worth noting that these problems have started since the beginning of the update last March.

The aforementioned update brought the Game DVR upgrades, Beam Support, Guide changes and speed boost for the entire operating system. Apparently, somewhere in between, these are making For Honor unstable. Ubisoft revealed that this all started back in March 29, the very date the update rolled out. Interestingly, these stability issues are only unique to Xbox One, with PC and PlayStation 4 version working just perfectly fine.

In a way to investigate the matter, the developers of the game opted to disable some features temporarily. This, in particular, covers the Game DVR, which is the built-in gameplay recording feature. The streaming functionality has also been blocked by the studio. There's no certainty yet as to when the video game company can revert the changes made.

Meanwhile, Express reports a new leak for the upcoming For Honor heroes including the highly talked about map. Basically, new internal screenshots of both the Ninja and the Centurion have surfaced. The former is beautifully packed in a Shinobi-inspired outfit whereas the latter can be seen wearing an epic mask.

The new images also featured a fourth row, which is believed to be added to the class loadout screen in For Honor. This could possibly suggests a new mercenary slot, something that Ubisoft has been planning to release ever since. The studio has already confirmed that a total of six new heroes are coming to the game, though nothing specific has been revealed.

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