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iTech Post brings you insightful and informative news on technology, reviews, science, games and culture everyday with our committed news desk team.

Our media covers news on a wide spectrum of topics, especially focusing on the technology industry in the U.S. and its newest trends. We wish to give good analysis and valuable opinions to our readers, so that they can have more chances to be better and wiser consumers in the market.

We believe it is crucial to know how technology influences markets, and how it changes our lives and our future. For this, receiving the latest news and staying keen about technological developments is absolutely important.

It is our goal to be on top of these issues and share the valuable knowledges with our readers as best as we can.

iTech Post has been growing to be in the position of one of the top-trending technology news sites, and will continue to grow with the team, and with our readers. Our news bureaus are located in Manhattan.

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Joel Bignell Joel@itechpost.com

Joel is Editorial Director in Itech Post. Originally from the San Diego seaside, Joel graduated from University of South Florida’s English Writing program. Prior to joining Itech Post, he was a professional writer who is crazy about reporting technique news all over the world. He is renowned for his wide range of valuable technique news. After career in writing training, painting, music-making, and traveling, Joel finally finds his true love and special talent in the technique news industry.


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