Sterling And Reid Brothers Circus Elephant Tries To Eat Hay Underneath A T

Ringling Bros. Circus Closing After 146 Years Because Of Elephant Abuse

According to a press release from Feld Entertainment, also owner of Ringling Bros. Circus for 50 years now, the circus is closing down. CEO Kenneth Feld said, that he has made a tough decision that Ringling Bros. Circus will hold its final show May of this year. High operating cost and the decrease of ticket sales made the circus unsustainable business for the company.

by Ayin Badz

Animals Celebrate Christmas At Taronga Zoo

Tortoise Injures Leg During Sex; Gets New Set Of Wheels To Help In Moving About

A tortoise has been injured during a sexual encounter while in the process of a breeding program, diagnosed with arthritis and now has wheels to help him with his swollen legs.

by Marion Villareal


Vampire Bats Now Discovered To Be Feeding On Human Blood Already

It has been discovered that aide from consuming animal blood, vampire bats have been known to now consume human blood as well.

by Marion Villareal

The Natural History Museum Launch Their New Exhibition Age Of The Dinosaur

Dinosaurs Probably Died Cold And Dark

Climate scientist studied how the dinosaurs died after the well-known impact of a large asteroid and blocking the sunlight for several years. They have reconstructed how tiny droplets of sulfuric acid formed high up in the air. 66 million years ago the extinction of dinosaurs caused the ascendance of the mammals. Eventually resulting for the human domination on earth.

by Ayin Badz

Donald Schultz Spends 10 Days With 100 Snakes Outside O'Sheas Casino

Rapid Viper Strikes In The Wild, Here's What Makes Them Successful Hunters

Researchers were able to capture as to how rapid viper strikes catches its prey. Feeding is the most basic need for an animal to survive. Every living organism is more likely to be eaten by another. However, there are different skills, how predators hunt their prey, like the chameleon's tongue, cheetah sprinting, fox diving into snow. Every animal has its own specialization on how to catch or escape a predator or prey.

by Ayin Badz

Arctic Iceberg

Arctic Shrew Shows Effects Of Climate Change

Climate change is affecting many living things. One of them is the arctic shrew, which shows effects of climate change.

by Rodney Rafols

Baby Killer Whale Born At SeaWorld San Diego

Killer Whales Go Through Menopause

Killer whales are one of the only three mammals that go through menopause, surviving long after they topped reproducing. The older female killer whales will then be responsible for helping the younger ones to survive and find food.

by Ayin Badz

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference In New York

More Than 600 Companies Worldwide To Convince Donald Trump That Climate Change Is Not A Hoax

There have been hundreds of businesses all over the world joining forces in convincing the president-elect DOnald Trump that climate change is real and action has to be done.

by Marion Villareal

An Intimate Portrait Of President Of Mongolia And His Family

Working For Toxic Bosses May Affect One's Mental Health; Find Out Why

There is a science proving that working in a toxic environment with a toxic boss could indeed affect the employee's mental health and could lead to depression or signs of bullying.

by Marion Villareal

Bush Salmon Protection Plan Under Fire In Courts

US Salmon May Have Carried Japanese Tapeworm, Scientist Say

Scientist have warned that US salmon may have carry Japanes tape worms. Researchers found out that Japanese tapeworms infect salmons not only in Asia.

by Ayin Badz

Paleontologists Excavate Pre-Historic Salvadoran Site

Cone-Shaped Sea Creature Classified By Paleontologist

Cone-shaped sea creatured was classified by paleontologist as a Hyoliths. However it need more study and researches done.

by Ayin Badz

Bayer To Bid For Schering

Birth Control Said To Cause Miscarriage: Definitely A Hoax And Should Not Be Believed In

Medical professionals oppose activists claiming that using birth control pills is a process of doing abortion, saying it's not scientifically true at all.

by Marion Villareal

Winter Snow Storm Hammers Northeastern US

Storm In California Causes Severe Blizzards And Flooding

The winter storm in California is very severe that California's Department of Water Resources opened a half-dozen century-old spill gates.

by Ayin Badz

China's Regions Suffer Air Pollution At Beginning Of 2017

China Fights Smog By The Help Of Environmental Police Force

China fights smog by creating environmental police force. However, the government need more drastic measures to entirely win the fight against smog offenders.

by Ayin Badz

Storm Jake brings Snow To The North Of England

Heavy Snow Accross Europe Cuase Dozens Of Death

The heavy snow across Europe had caused several deaths since November last year. It also caused a lot of flight cancellation and road blocks. It is expected to continue until the end of the month.

by Ayin Badz

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