'No Man's Sky' Multiplayer Finally Explained; Release Dates Revealed

May 23, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

No Man's Sky is, in a few words, one of the most anticipated games ever. The beauty of this game is not its fancy weapons or it deeply immersive story. Nope, the central idea of this game is exploration. In Capt. Kirk's words, “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

There have been many questions about the game. But probably one of the biggest questions is its multiplayer function. Actually, the first question is, is there even a multiplayer function? Here is where it gets tricky—but awesome—at the same time.

The game is a progressively expanding universe and the chances of meeting another player, another actual human player, in something like less than 1%. That is pretty intense! But DM21 Gaming came out with a video explaining just how multiplayer might happen.

In their words, say you are escorting your faction's starships and an enemy fleet warps in, then you go ahead and defend your ships, much like how you have done many many times before. But then, there is this tiny fraction of a chance that you will encounter another ship that simply does not move like an npc.

The enemy could be doing evasive maneuvers like you have never seen before—or do yourself. You try to fend off the unexpected attack but out of nowhere, the enemy spins to your rear side and blasts you to your latest death on No Man's Sky.

This is the only way a multiplayer type of game can happen, and it is, again, a very slim chance. What is the reason for this? Sean Murray founder and creator of No Man's Sky, had this to say, “If you want a first-person shooter-sci-fi-around-on-a-planet game play Destiny. It's a really good game. Go play that. We're not trying to do that.”

Murray added, “What we want is for the player to play with a sense of that other people have been there before. So what will reasonably happen is going to a planet and discovering that someone else has been there before you. You will see traces of them, like creatures they've named and things they left behind.”

The Bit Bag reported that No Man's Sky will be released on June 21 in North America, June 22 in Europe and June 24 in the UK. Preordering is possible at Playstation that has a starter kit. Included are a steelbook case for the PS4 version, a 48-page art book, an exclusive comic by Dave Gibbons and a “dynamic PS4 theme.”

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