Breaking Bad Drug Causes More Overdose Than Rx Drugs

Jan 05, 2017 12:45 PM EST

The notorious Breaking Bad drug, blue crystal meth, is causing more overdose deaths than prescription drugs. 

As reported earlier, meth addiction is also getting rampant in regions like Maine.  

Previously, methamphetamine came only in white crystal form. However, as Breaking Bad, a show about drug trafficking, became notoriously popular, blue crystal meth started pouring in from Mexico.  

The drug, also know as "ice", is so similar to the one heavily featured in the record breaking TV series that drug agency officials are blaming meth addiction on the show.  

In Oklahoma, the problem reached a new level with the release of the 2015 drug report which places meth on top of a list of unintentional drug overdoses at 226 deaths. Compared to 154 in 2014, the statistics show that meth use is getting even more popular. 

Interestingly, the Breaking Bad drug is blamed on the spike of users. Despite the drug enforcement agency's state effort in identifying meth labs and dismantling them, the number of local meth addicts still rises due to the availability of blue meth from Mexico, the News OK says.  

According to the narcotics bureau spokesman, Mark Woodward, the increase of meth addicts and reports of meth overdoses despite numbers of lower meth labs is because the users no longer need to make drug supplies on their own.  

Meanwhile, prescription drug abuse is still widespread in Oklahoma. Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, potent pain relievers with high addictive effects, sit on the second and third spot.  

Another interesting story connected to meth is the murder of a gay man in Scotland. The murderer dismembered the victim's body parts before attempting to dissolve them in a tub of acid. This might sound familiar as similar scenes like this are repeatedly featured in Breaking Bad. 

According to the Daily Record, the murderer was found high with meth when he committed the gruesome crime.  

With the spike of Breaking Bad drug users, drug and health officials are struggling to find ways to control the situation, one of which is the idea to legalize and decriminalize meth use. 

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