Nintendo Switch And NES Classic Bonanza Cause Shopping Frenzy At Best Buy

Apr 01, 2017 04:10 AM EDT

It is well-known that Nintendo often fails to supply the huge demand of its NES Classic edition and Switch gaming consoles, sometimes making people think of it as a marketing strategy. Both best-selling game devices are currently out of stock and are even very difficult to find. Now, Best Buy announces that they have limited supply of these hit game consoles, but only for a very limited period of time.

Over the weekend, fans of Nintendo games flocked over the brick and mortar outlets of Toys R Us, a scenario which has started ever since these beloved game consoles were launched. The announcement resulted in a shopping frenzy from huge Zelda and Mario fans who can't wait to miss the rare opportunity. The same thing is predicted to happen with Best Buy's bonanza of the massively popular yet hard to find entertainment systems.

Nintendo's hybrid portable consoles have been utterly difficult to get your hands on since it launched. Shelves are often left totally dry once the stores open, making it essentially absent in all outlets. What's so awesome with Best Buy is that it also allows eager buyers to shop for their favorite Switch gaming console online.

According to Hot Hardware, this is a huge departure from most restocks that somehow always happen at limited physical stores. However, this time, Best Buy introduces shipment of the hit gaming console when you order them on the web. Not only that, the store is also announcing that buyers can get a shipment of the elusive mini NES Classic Edition.

However, there's a downside of these game products being available online. According to the Forbes, there's a great chance that they will sell out almost instantly as what usually happens with these items. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn't known for supplying retailers with an adequate quantity of their most popular products, and it remains to be seen if demand will last long.

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