Meghan Markle Spotted With A Gold Ring, Caribbean Wedding With Prince Harry To Happen Soon?

Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry seems to be a serious one. After keeping mum about her relationship, the actress has been noticed to be wearing a golden ring. The ring has gotten press in a frenzy because the two might be tying the knot soon.

Prince Harry reportedly gave his actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle a ring. This was nothing compared to the time he gifted the actress with a necklace because a golden band around Markle’s finger could mean something else and something bigger. The ring was reportedly given to Markle six weeks ago and she has actually been showing it off a lot on the set of her show. The insider revealed that the actress even said that the ring was not her size but she was being careful not to lose it.

Markle wears the simple golden ring on her thumb because it was a little bit too big. She takes it off whenever she has to film episodes for the legal drama series, “Suits” and puts it back as soon as she's done with the filming. Insiders say that this little ring is a huge indication that the couple is stepping up the level of their relationship and people may be hearing wedding bells sooner or later. The insider added that Prince Harry was fond of giving presents, mostly bracelets, to this girlfriends to express his feelings but Markle’s ring hints at a serious commitment.

Markle's new ring sparks another round of rumors that she and Prince Harry are actually planning a secret wedding in the Carribean sometime in winter. At first, rumor has it that they wanted a summer beach wedding getaway but that seems unlikely now. Insiders reveal that wherever the couple intends to get married, they are keen on making their wedding as romantic as possible. They will also make it private, just like their relationship, and will only invite family and close friends.

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