Samsung Will Release ‘Fandom’ Edition Of Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 is the most well-known Samsung smartphone because of its biggest tech controversies. Way back last fall, the South Korean company forced to stop its production, as well as its sales, because of issues involving the Note 7’s battery. Today, Samsung announces its plans to release a “fandom” edition of the Galaxy Note 7 that is purportedly safer to use.

Samsung was required to halt the production of its Galaxy Note 7 and issue a worldwide recall. Exceptionally, Samsung was able to endure the crisis that smartphone brought. Not only that, Samsung’s mobile business has also increased on the back of impressively strong sales of its other smartphone such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, until now, consumers are still doubting on buying Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Because of that, Samsung is now starting on a curious strategy in order to help remind people, especially the fans of the Note 7, that the company can get their trust again. According to BGR, Samsung is bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back to life in the form of a new name as “Fandom Edition” model. Therefore, it will be called as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE, a refurbished version of the original smartphone.

It will hit the store shelves on July 7 and Samsung claimed that Note 7 FE will have different components compared to the original Note 7. The fandom edition will make its debut in South Korea and may eventually hit the market of other countries later on down the road, The Verge reported.

As to why Samsung would release a new smartphone that evokes memories of exploding product, that’s a real puzzle. Plenty of owners were reportedly still using their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in January, despite the recall, either for leisure or sentimentality. So this new FE or fandom edition might be a safe alternative for those people who have a special place in their heart for the Galaxy Note 7 and yet don’t wish to catch on fire.


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