Celtics Eyeing To Sign A Deal For Gordon Hayward and Paul George

It has been revealed that Boston Celtics are eyeing to sign in two certain players for a trade. However, as things have not been finalized yet, it is too early to rejoice for Boston Celtics.

Paul George recently announced that he will be leaving Indiana Pacers next year to become a free agent. In addition, Paul George has announced that he wants to play for Los Angeles Lakers that he has even started to brew up a negotiation with the team. He pointed out though that despite his announcement, he will still be playing his best on the court as a player for Indiana Pacers because he is still under contract. His announcement has gotten some teams to pursue him. Experts have given George suggestions and recommended that he choose between Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, a new team has entered the scene, expressing their interest in taking in Paul George. Boston Celtics have revealed that they are trying to sign in Paul George for a trade along with free agent Gordon Hayward from Utah Jazz. Boston is still waiting for Hayward to finalize the agreement and it might take a while so experts are wondering if Indiana is willing to wait for the trade. Boston has a great roster of players so Indiana will not be disappointed if they wait and make a trade with the team.

Fans are excited to have Paul George and Hayward on Boston Celtics however they know better than to expect before things are finalized. They pointed out that trade deals with Boston usually never materialize and end up being the same team they were before so they are waiting until everything has actually happened. Paul George and Hayward in Celtics will give a huge boost to the team especially when they are always on the run for championships.

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