Elon Musk Reveals First Images Of Tesla Model 3 Production Unit On Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Sunday the final look of the much awaited Tesla Model 3. In a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram, Musk showed off the first Tesla Model 3 to roll out from the production line which he described as a gift given to him on his birthday.

The black Tesla Model 3 Musk posted on his personal social media accounts was apparently gifted to him by one of the company's board members. Musk explained in a tweet that Ira Ehrenpreis was the first customer to make a $1,000 deposit on the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 giving him the rights to the first production unit. The Tesla board member then gave the Model 3 to Musk as a present for the CEO's 46th birthday, as reported by Reuters. This makes Musk the first person ever to own the company's first ever mass-market electric car.

Tesla expects to deliver 30 units of the Tesla Model 3 sometime in late July. The company will then proceed to manufacture 100 units of the electric car the following month before coming up with 1,500 Model 3 cars in September, according to CNN. Musk also stressed that the company is planning to build up to 20,000 units of the Tesla Model 3 in December.

Despite Musk's announcements regarding the production of Tesla Model 3 cars expected in the coming months, company shares have been underperforming lately. Investors have apparently become so anxious with regards to the weakening sales of the Tesla Model S.

Musk believes the lowering sales of the Model S sedan could be attributed to confusion. The company CEO said that many prospective buyers have mistakenly thought that the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 is an upgrade of the Model S. This is likely why many of them are waiting for the Tesla Model 3 to become available or have pre-ordered the upcoming electric car instead of getting the Model S.

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