Huawei Reveals AI-Powered Faster Phone Chip That Will Beat Apple And Samsung

Huawei is aiming to use artificial intelligence-powered features such as instant image recognition. This feature from Huawei is aimed to take on rivals Samsung and Apple when it releases its new flagship smartphone, Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, next month.

Huawei's chief executive of consumer business, Richard Yu, on Saturday revealed a powerful new mobile phone chip Huawei is betting on for its upcoming flagship smartphone Mate 10 and other high-end phones. The chip is aimed to deliver faster processing and lower power consumption, as reported by Business Standard.

Huawei is said to launch the Mate 10 flagship and its sister phone, the Mate 10 Pro, in Munich on October 16, Richard Yu said. He also declined to detail new features, but the smartphone is expected to boast large, 6-inch-plus full-screen displays.

According to Yu, the Artificial intelligence (AI) will come inbuilt into its new chips, which can help make phones more personalized, or anticipate the actions and interests of their users. For examples, Richard Yu has explained that Artificial intelligence can facilitate real-time language translation, heed voice commands, or take advantage of augmented reality, which overlays text, sounds, graphics and video on real-world images phone users see in front of them, as reported by Venture Beat.

Huawei has described the new Artificial Intelligence chip as the first Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for flagships. This chip will bring together classic computing, graphics, image and digital signal processing power, that have typically needed separate chips, taking up more space and slowing interaction between features within phones.

The Huawei is aiming to use Kirin chips to differentiate its smartphone flagships from a broad set of competitors, including Samsung, who are overwhelming depends on the rival Snapdragon chips from Qualcomm. Only Apple and Huawei, among major smartphone makers currently, depended on their own core processors.

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