A Look at why 3D Slots are so Popular

By Staff Reporter , Aug 30, 2018 11:52 AM EDT

Online slot games have come a long way in the past two decades since they made their very first appearance in the late 90s. Classic fruit slot games have evolved and transformed into the exciting slot games that grace online casinos today, filled with exciting features and video animations.

3D slots are an exceptionally popular form of slot game and make up the vast majority of most online casino's slot collections. These days there are hardly any software providers that don't produce a good variety of 3D slots.

Advantages of 3D Slot Games

3D slots are a step ahead your standard slot game. The main difference is in the graphics, which have a tell-tale 3 dimensional quality. Although they do not provide an actual 3D experience, the graphics are far more realistic than your usual, flat slots. If you run your eyes along the catalogue of games at any casino site, you'll most likely be drawn to the 3D slots due to their high visual quality. The major advantage with the 3D graphics is that they provide a more immersive gameplay that is far more entertaining and appealing than your average slot.

Brief History of 3D Slot Games

The very first slot machines came about in the 19th century and slowly made their way onto the world wide web around two decades ago. Slot games continued to flourish and improve, entertaining players with ever-evolving innovations. 3D slots were somewhat of a turning point in the history of online slot games. Also known as 'video' slots, 3D slots impressed players like no other slot games that came before them.

The very first appearance of 'video slots' actually appeared in 1976, when brick-and-mortar casino first incorporated them. It took a while longer for them to appear in their online versions, but when they did there was no going back!

3D Slot Features

While each 3D slot game is different, below are some of the most-loved features of 3D slots that appear in most of the games:

  •  Amazing Graphics- Soundtracks and graphics are highly improved in 3D slot games. Realistic graphics make for an exciting gaming experience. 3D games often offer visually stimulating animations when you make a win and during the bonus rounds and features. These enhancements make for an overall more enjoyable slot game that has the ability to transport players into a whole new world.
  •  More Options- 3D slot games are often highly customisable. This means you have a myriad of options when it comes to choosing how many paylines you'd like to play, what coin size you prefer and your bet size. This flexibility gives you more control over your game, which in turn makes it more enjoyable for the individual player. Before you get carried away in making changes to your bet, check the pay table in order to see which bets qualify you to win the jackpot!
  •  Bonuses and Extra Features- Bonus rounds offer a break from endlessly spinning the reels and take players into a new environment, giving them the chance to make more money. Whether it be a wheel of fortune, a board game style bonus round or something totally unique, 3D bonus rounds tend to be exceptionally exciting and are visually stimulating. Many players are drawn to slot games with original and creative bonus rounds that are reminiscent of video games, and sometimes require some sort of 'skill' in order make extra money.

Unlimited Themes

Another advantage that 3D slots provide is that they cater for an unlimited amount of themes. The improved graphics can accurately portray movie characters and even showcase snippets and animations from the movie itself. But the 3D graphics don't just lend themselves to modern themes; they also breathe new life into old-fashioned fruit slots- making them current once more.

Many slots now have interesting storylines that somehow involve the player in the game, giving away pieces to the puzzle the longer you play. With the thousands of slot themes, now made available by 3D graphics, there is truly a game to suit everyone.

Leading Software Providers in 3D Slots

Almost all software developers will offer a range of 3D slots, but there definitely some that stand out more than others. One of the top producers of 3D games is undoubtedly Betsoft. Some of their most well-known, mobile-friendly 3D slots include Rooks Revenge and Birds! Betsoft is so dedicated to 3D slots that they released an entire 3D slot series, called Slots3.

Another trailblazer in the world of 3D slots is Microgaming, seen here. Microgaming has over 20 years of experience in the industry so it is only expected that they would have an impressive repertoire of 3D slots. Microgaming tends to lean towards movies and popular culture for their themes, which include Batman and Tomb Raider.

The popularity of 3D slots has created some stiff competition among software providers. With so many great 3D slots out there, players only want to play the very best on offer. This competition is a good thing for players as it forces software providers to continue to produce top-quality games and bring out new games frequently.

The Future of 3D Slots

While 3D slots are by no means a new phenomenon, they have proved to be the most popular of all slot trends. 3D slots definitely won't disappear anytime in the near future, but expect the graphics to continue to improve.

A further element that is expected to be incorporated in 3D slots is virtual reality. Virtual reality slots are quickly making their ways onto casino floors and many 3D slot providers are taking note and are beginning to make their games VR compatible.


Whether slots are your thing or not, every online casino player should try their hand at 3D slots. Their stunning visuals and impressive soundtracks transport players into an animated world. With the thousands of themes available, you should find something that takes your fancy no matter how obscure your taste. There is a reason that 3D slots are so popular and they are not expected to go anywhere anytime soon.

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