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How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Sites for Your Sports Wagers

By Staff Reporter , Nov 13, 2018 02:03 PM EST

India is the largest cricket-loving nation in the world, where the scope of cricket betting is quite massive. The country's vibrant cricketing community is committed to enjoying the game in its entirety, as the sport is followed by fans from diverse backgrounds and across all age groups. Despite having over a billion fans of the sport, the Indian gambling industry is still under-developed, which provides a fantastic opportunity for mainstream bookmakers to make their mark in one of the most lucrative cricket betting markets in the entire world.

Challenges Faced by Cricket Punters in India

The lack of proliferation of cricket betting in India can be attributed to the numerous anti-gambling laws that were set up by the Government to deter punters from indulging in any sort of gambling activities. A majority of bookmakers in the country function as illegal entities, which is another reason why cricket betting in India has garnered a negative image among the general public. Various controversies and match-fixing scandals have also put cricket betting into a spot of bother.

Nevertheless, the introduction of online bookmakers into the mix has undoubtedly helped in improving the credibility of the cricket betting industry in the country. Indian punters have also come to trust and accept the numerous online bookies that operate through the regular online channels. But how does one find a licensed, regulated, and reliable sportsbook in India? Will there be any legal implications for using cricket betting apps in India? Here are some guidelines for finding a top sportsbook for placing a wager on your favourite cricket matches.

Using Mobile Apps to Find a Bookmaker

India has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of mobile users in recent years. Almost all online cricket bookmakers have a dedicated mobile betting platform that is geared towards Android and iOS users. Punters can always make use of first-hand reviews of the leading betting apps at, where the punters' welfare finds precedence over a bookmaker's interests. Mobile app stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store also host several cricket betting apps in their portfolio, which ensures that punters can stay connected to the market on the move.

Although there are many sportsbook apps in the market that are exclusively designed for smartphone users, Indian users may be unable to download them due to regulatory restrictions. Therefore, in most cases, bookmakers recommend either using the web browser-based platform for accessing the markets on the go or download the respective apps from their official website. The web-based platforms can be accessed via any modern mobile web browser, which provides the same user interface and betting functionalities as their mobile app counterparts.

Reading through Online Bookmaker Reviews

Sportsbook reviews are a great way of finding the top cricket bookmakers in the industry. Reviews are usually compiled by expert punters, reviewers, and even regular folks, who wish to serve in the best interests of punters who want to try out a company's products and services. Websites such as have several reviews of the top bookies in the market, which provides an excellent resource for punters to consider different options before making a decision.

These online review sources are also an excellent place to get more information about cricket betting, such as strategies, bonuses, live betting tips, and more. Not all punters have the best resources when it comes to online cricket betting, which is why these websites can play a pivotal role in cutting your losses and maximising your profits.

Adverts & Promos

Advertisements, promotional campaigns, newsletters, and bonus programs are excellent means to discover the best online sportsbooks in the market. Although one cannot trust the services of a company through a marketing campaign alone, it can indeed act as a good indicator of the professionalism and dedication of the service provider. Further follow-up research on the company by reading through reviews and customer testimonials can also help in determining the authenticity and reliability of the company.

Legal Aspects of Sports Betting in India

Cricket betting is not allowed in the country, but despite the various laws banning such activities, a large number of fans do indulge in cricket betting through online and local bookies. The Indian Government and the authorities are primarily worried about the negative implications caused by instances of match-fixing and unlawful activities perpetrated by anti-social elements. Therefore, if punters stick to placing a straight wager on the matches, without taking any part in illegal activities to increase their chance of winning, they should be fine.

It is impossible to obtain a legal gambling license in India, apart from a few states where gambling is legal. Therefore, leading bookmakers often resort to using the online space to target the Indian market, as it is close to impossible for the authorities to bring such companies under the influence of the Indian legal framework. Therefore, several companies offer remarkable sportsbook for the cricket fans, with some operators even offering the option to place a wager in Indian Rupees (INR). Despite the opportunity, punters must realise that cricket betting is not approved under the law, which means that there is always the risk of legal action.

Making Overseas Payments

Depositing or withdrawing funds at an online bookmaker used to be a tedious procedure for bettors in India. Nowadays, all that has changed with the availability of e-wallets and several online services that support gambling-related payments. There are indeed several options for Indian punters, as some bookmakers even allow its clients to make payments using a credit or debit card.

However, offshore payments are strictly scrutinised by the authorities, but smaller amounts don't receive as much attention as the bigger ones. Therefore, smaller sports betting-related payments are generally disregarded from any investigation, which in turn allow bettors to indulge in their favourite activity without worrying about the legal consequences.

Choosing your Preferred Cricket Betting Website

It is imperative for punters to have a thorough idea of all the legal requirements of sports gambling before indulging in such activities. There are other considerations such as the choice of bookmaker, payment options, licensing information of the bookmaker, and other similar factors, which contribute to the overall choice for a punter. Therefore, make sure you read through some of the best bookmaker reviews and cricket betting guides available at to stay informed and make a sound decision.

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