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How to Setup And Use a VPN?

By Eric Hamilton , Jun 03, 2019 02:49 PM EDT

The online world is filled with more threats and blockages than you can imagine. To combat these threats and bypass these blockages, you'll need to use a reliable VPN service such as PureVPN. A VPN comes in as the perfect solution to solve your online woes.

How to download and setup a VPN?

Before you move through the process, it is important to first choose the right VPN service that fits perfectly with your needs. There are hundreds of VPN services available on the web, but the one we prefer is PureVPN. There are many reasons for this preference. You can read all these in the headings below.

Here's how you can download VPN and set it up on your device with ease:

1.       Get PureVPN

This can be easily done by visiting PureVPN's order page and subscribe to the service. Once subscribed, you can ask for a refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied with the service.

2.       Download the VPN client app

PureVPN has apps for all platforms. You can easily download VPN on your Android, iOS, PC or Mac device with ease.

3.       Connect to your favorite server and enjoy!

Feel free to connect with your favorite modes (Streaming, Security, etc.) depending on how you wish to use the service. Connect to server in any country of your choice and enjoy!

How can you avoid the online woes with a VPN?

The online world is full of all kinds of woes and restrictions. A VPN can easily help you avoid these woes by providing you with the right feature set. Using a VPN, you can access any website of your choice with ease. Furthermore, VPNs provide complete web security and privacy to the users.

But how do VPNs achieve all this? Let's find out!

How to unlock Online Freedom with a VPN?

The online world is plagued with all kinds of censorships and restrictions. Much of what you see online is actually blocked in many different countries. For example, you cannot access many news websites or social media services in China. Similarly, you cannot use VoIP services in many Arabian countries. These restrictions are placed for one reason or another, but the online audience in the area definitely suffer from the lack of online freedom.

Similarly, much of the content is also blocked by media companies themselves. This happens because of the geo-licensing formula. Media companies often share geo-licenses of their content with streaming companies. This means that streaming channels are only allowed to show content in some countries only, and they have to block the channel in other regions. Channels such as HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix US are actually blocked in many different regions. This is where a VPN comes in.

A VPN helps you avoid these restrictions with ease. It does that by changing your IP address from your own location to any other location of your choice. Because your IP address determines your IP location, you can trick websites and channels into thinking that you're browsing from another location instead of your original location.

This method allows you to avoid all kinds of censorships and access or use any online service from any location with ease. To make this method work, you need a VPN service that has servers in hundreds of countries around the world. This is where PureVPN comes in. With 2,000+ servers in 140 countries at your disposal, you can access any website or channel from anywhere with ease.

Avoid Cybercrime with VPN

As more people continue to flock online, criminals consider this as an opportunity to rob more and more people. Moving on from the traditional pick-pocketing tactics, modern criminals hack people through different methods and steal whatever they can get their hands on.

These crimes are committed in several different ways. The easier tactic is to hack through public Wi-Fi networks. It is easy to hack inside any public Wi-Fi. This gives hackers the opportunity to hack into any device connected to that network.

A VPN helps users from avoiding these hacks, even if they are connected to a compromised Wi-Fi network. This is done by the use of encryption. Major VPN brands, such as PureVPN offer military grade encryption to the users. This helps in keeping users secure whenever they're browsing online, even through compromised routers.

The dangers of mass surveillance

Another major problem in the online world is the mass surveillance. Online surveillance is majorly done by governments from around the world with the excuse of ensuring "National Security." What they do instead is hack into people's browsing history, and even spy on internet connected devices such as webcams or cameras installed in your homes. This and more was revealed by Edward Snowden back in 2012.

Government entities aren't the only entities who spy on people. Marketing and advertising agencies do this as well. Any data that is collected is shared with advertisers who use it to create personalized ads for the audience.

As mentioned above, VPN offers online encryption. Encrypting your online activities ensures that no one can spot you out on the web or look into your online activities.

Wrapping Up...

VPNs can be helpful in a lot of cases. They ensure that you can enjoy online freedom, as well as internet security and anonymity. Choosing the right VPN is important if you want to enjoy all of the above features. And as we've explained above, PureVPN is the perfect solution for these needs.

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