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3 Signs Your Email Database Needs to be Cleaned

By Ernest Hamilton , Jul 05, 2019 04:50 PM EDT

Have you sent out an email campaign only to find yourself flooded with bounce backs? Or what about being booted from your email platform due to too many complaints or traps? It's a clear sign you might have a data hygiene issue. Poor quality data sneaks into your database over time, or overnight.

Good email addresses go dormant, or typos enter your system undetected. It's time to take control of your data quality and add the element of email verification.

Here are three signs your database needs a deep cleaning.

1. Your List is OldThe truth is your most recent subscribers are your most active subscribers. A MarketingSherpareport previously reported that open rates average 58% in the first thirty days. Then they start to decline steadily. That alone sheds light on why your campaigns don't perform as well as they used to do. So as your data ages, your email list performance declines. As email addresses in your database age, your open rates decline, but your bounce rates increase. Not only will this cause a drop in your performance stats, but it will also create deliverability complications. If you don't routinely hygiene your data, your SenderScore goes down, and more emails don't make it to the inbox. Negatively impacting your bottom-line.

2. Your Opt-In Rate is on Fire It's exciting when you start up a promotion on a new offer, but not vetting your leads is a risky business. If you feel your opt-in rate is higher than your norm, it could deserve a second look. Many times, an influx in subscribers tend to be linked to a spambot. A spambot lands on your form and continuously submits data to attack your site and fill your database with garbage. Sending you a series of randomly generated email addresses that are non-existent. So, that when you go to send that group of users a campaign, you get whirlwind of problems. This is where you can use a solution such as Xverify, to add a layer of security to your forms. Checking email addresses in milliseconds at the point of collection. Preventing poor quality data from entering your marketing funnel in real-time.

3. Your Complaint Rate is increasing starting to see a more substantial portion of your list complaining and unsubscribing? First, this could be an indication that you are emailing them too much. Or it could have to do with your data collection methods. Digital marketers are known for "acquiring data" through third party providers, and you really never know what you are going to get.

A high complaint rate can lead to doom for your email campaign. As we discussed before, it can really damage your deliverability. When you clean your data, Xverify can tag and flag email addresses that are more likely to generate complaints. Allowing you to mail them with caution or not add them to your marketing list altogether. The Bottom Line Knowledge is power, the more insight you have to data collected, the more intuitive you can be about your marketing plan. Implement email validation at point of collection.

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