The Best Bluetooth Gadgets To Keep Tabs On Your Lost Items

The Best Bluetooth Gadgets To Keep Tabs On Your Lost Items
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Let's face it. All of us have lost something valuable at some point. Maybe we are just forgetful, or we are in a rush. The good news is that there are devices that can help you keep an eye out on your items, and help you track them if stolen or lost, for example, Bluetooth trackers. 

These trackers usually arrive in two variations: thin cards for your wallet or key-ring sized gadgets. Sure, you are not restricted or restrained to those two uses because you can opt to put these Bluetooth trackers in pockets, bags, or place them to tablets or laptops.

The Bluetooth trackers function by syncing with a mobile device. Then with an application, you can perform multiple things such as seeing the most recent location of the lost item or making the Bluetooth tracker ring when the item is nearby. There are plenty of options available out there that can overwhelm you. For a little help, here are the best Bluetooth gizmos to retrace and recover your misplaced or lost items. Read on!

Chipolo Plus

The Chipolo Plus, out of the three Chiplo trackers, spearheads the pack. The features comprise of a 100db volume, replaceable battery, and water-resistance. The strengths of these car key tracking devices are that it is affordable and small. 

Plus, it provides a feature that other Bluetooth trackers don't have, which is by pressing the device down, it makes your mobile device ring, enabling you to locate it. The application of Chipolo is simple to use and minimalist as well. 

You can quickly see the whereabouts of your Chipolos and cause them to sound from the application. Similar to Pebblebee and Tile, this Bluetooth tracker aids in searching for the stolen or lost belongings through a Community Search feature.

When you select "Mark As Lost" and the Chipolo senses another tracker on the network, you will receive an alert with its last location. In spite of Chipolo's robust performance, it cannot beat its rival, Tile. 

The weak point of this tracker is its range. Its range is less than the Tile Pro. However, if style and cost is your concern, then you will want to purchase it rather than other options.

Pebblebee Finder

With regards to appearance, this Bluetooth tracker excels. The Pebblebee Finder feels more discreet and sleeker thanks to its metal outer ring compared to its rivals such as Chipolo Plus or Tile Pro, even if it's heavier.

Also, the tracker displays a robust show in performance. The Finder performs on its two-hundred-foot range, which outdoes the Tile Mate and matches the Chipolo Plus. Moreover, the ringer volume is clamorous enough to be heard all over the house.

The application of this Bluetooth tracker is jam-packed with features, with a rangefinder that's color-coded to present you the distance of your lost item. Similar to Tile and Chipolo, Pebblebee has a characteristic to look for a tracker pronounced as lost named CrowdGPS. 

If your stolen or misplaced tracker comes in contact with other trackers on the network, then you will receive an alert of its last seen location. However, keep in mind that this Bluetooth device is not as well-known as Tile. Therefore, there is a lower probability or likelihood of coming in contact with another tracker. 

Tile Pro

Tile Pro, the latest tracker from Tile and was launched in 2018, differentiates itself with sleeker profile, replaceable battery, a resembling look of the Tile Sport, and a bigger key loop. Also, it backs up a larger range of three-hundred feet.

Pairing the tracker with your mobile device is straightforward and fast. Plus, it arrives with the capability to name the item relying upon what it is tracking, for example, keys. Then, you can leverage the Tile application to enable the ringer of the Tile Pro and locate it.

If you are not within the range of the Tile Pro, the Community Find will look for it. And if a tracker you have pronounced stolen or lost comes in contact with other trackers in the network, you will receive an alert of the last known location of the lost tracker. 

This Bluetooth tracker has a lot of devices it can arrive into contact with. Thus, if you want the best likelihood of locating your misplaced, lost, or stolen item, it will be undoubtedly on the network of Tile. 


House keys, car keys, or drawer keys are an important part of our lives. For the most part, we depend on keys to obtain access to our mailboxes, backyard sheds, apartments, houses, and cars. Thus, we need to do our best to manage them all. However, there are times when we cannot find them, even if we're sure that we place them back in their correct spot. Fortunately, there are Bluetooth trackers that can help us look for the lost keys with ease. 

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