Is It Time For A MacBook Logic Board Repair?

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There are signs that you can look out for that tell you that it is time for a MacBook logic board repair. The logic board is the term that Apple use for the motherboard in your MacBook. Here are some of the signs that all is not well with your MacBook logic board:

Issues with Power

The logic board in your MacBook controls everything and if it has failed then you may be experiencing difficulties getting the computer to start when pressing the power button. A logic board repair may be required if your MacBook turns on but then unexpectedly shuts down for no apparent reason.

Issues with the Display

Another sign that you may need a Mac logic board repair is where your display does not turn on properly or you experience some erratic behavior with the screen. If your display does turn on you may experience corrupted images or issues with the colors.

What happens if you connect an external monitor to your MacBook? Does the screen turn on or do you experience the same weird graphics corruption and color issues as before? If you have problems with an external monitor too then this would certainly suggest that there are MacBook motherboard problems rather than a faulty screen.

Issues with Ports

Does your MacBook have difficulty recognizing the devices that you plug into it? Or perhaps your computer recognizes a device but it doesn't work properly because the MacBook logic board is not supply enough power to the port? 

You may require a MacBook motherboard repair if you are experiencing sound problems. The MacBook logic board has an audio component and if there is an issue with this then you might not hear any sound. This will be a problem if you try to use headphones or external speakers as well.

Other Issues

There are a number of other issues that could point to a MacBook logic board problem. Some of these include:

  • Your battery never charging

  • The fan runs constantly even when you are not working on the computer

  • Grinding or clicking noises

  • Regular error messages appearing on the screen

  • Unexpected requests to reboot your MacBook

These are just some of the issues that you could experience. A faulty MacBook motherboard could cause other problems as well. So what are your options here? 

MacBook Motherboard Chip Level Repair

Most people will think about returning their MacBook to Apple for a motherboard chip level repair. But in some cases Apple will tell you that they cannot perform such a repair. A MacBook logic board replacement is expensive so what do you do?

There are specialist companies that have the tools and specialized training to perform a motherboard chip level repair for you. It is very unlikely that you could perform such a repair yourself so you will need outside help.

Apple Motherboard Chip Level Repair

If Apple say that they can perform a chip level repair on your logic board then this will come at a high cost. Apple is a big company with large overheads so they will charge you a lot for this. Other companies can perform this repair at a lower cost.

Apple Water Damage Repair

One of the most common reasons for MacBook logic board failures is spilling liquids on the computer. If this happens you could go for an Apple water damage repair but this will be expensive. There are other companies that can perform a water damage repair on your MacBook logic board for far less.

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