Sony is Finally Releasing the Much-Awaited PlayStation 5 With New and Improved Features Gamers Will Go Crazy About

By Nhx T. , Oct 09, 2019 08:47 AM EDT

The long wait for PlayStation fans is finally over as Sony announced the release date of their next-generation gaming console, which will be called the PlayStation 5 as fans have predicted.

According to a blog post by Sony PlayStation, the next-gen PS5 console will be available "in time for Holiday 2020." 

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said in an interview with WIRED that finally being able to announce the name and date of the console is like having a huge burden lifted from his shoulders.

When the console first broke the news in April, Sony hasn't said anything much about it, and they have only called it the "next-gen console."

Besides the launch of the most-awaited PlayStation 5, Sony surprised its fans by sharing new details about it – including details about the latest game controller that will come along with the PS5.

The company has announced that along with the improved version, several changes made to the controllers is expected to "deepen the feeling of immersion" when users are playing their favorite titles. This is particularly so, after the changes included the adoption of haptic feedback and addition of adaptive triggers.

The 5th generation consoles always had controllers that had the "rumble" technology wherein gamers will feel a slight tremble to their controllers when something significant happens in the game, such as crashing to a wall or getting tackled.

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With haptic feedback, there will be a wider range of physical effects which will also make crashing feel much different than being tackled. Sony also promises that there will be different sensations and textures when a character runs through grass or mud.

Another significant change is the adaptive triggers, which will go to the R2/L2 triggers of the game controller.

This change allows the users to feel the "resistance of triggers" so that they will be able to feel the tension when drawing a bowstring back, or put extra pressure to drive through a rough patch of land.

According to a report by The Verge, the technology is similar to a patent created by Microsoft for a future Xbox controller earlier this year, which documented a trigger system like that of PS5's controller. However, it is unclear whether they'll be going through with it.

Apart from the game controller, system architect Mark Cerny also detailed a change in the PS5 regarding the gamers' ability to install software on their consoles.

Cerny said the next-gen console would potentially allow its users to download individual and smaller parts of a game title, which means they can install the entire game or just the multiplayer campaign. Gamers can also delete sections of the game when they are done, such as the single-player option.

Other features of the PS5 include:

  • A disc drive for 4K Blu-rays and physical titles

  • More efficient and faster hard-drive

  • PS5 discs have 100GB capacity

  • The controller will consist of an improved speaker, battery with larger-capacity, and USB-C connectivity

Sony Announces Release Date of Much-Awaited PlayStation 5
(Photo : Playstation/Facebook)
Before the arrival of the PlayStation 5, fans will experience much-awaited titles on PlayStation 4 like Death Stranding and the Last of Us 2.

Sony is planning to release more details about the console in the coming year, but for now, fans can enjoy more PS4 games like Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us II.

The PlayStation 5 will be launched around the same time Microsoft is planning to release its Project Scarlett console.

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