Reasons to Use Magento for your Ecommerce Store

By Ernest Hamilton , Oct 16, 2019 10:53 AM EDT

There are so many eCommerce platforms out there ready to help you build your storefront it can be difficult to choose the right one. More and more companies, from Liverpool Football Club to Coca Cola, are using Magento hosting for their online storefronts, and for good reason. Magento, as a platform, has a lot to offer potential business owners, whether you're just starting out or looking to expand an already successful company. 

First off, Magento is open-source software. This essentially means that you have a nearly unlimited range of options as far as customizing your store to suit the individual needs of your company. While most eCommerce platforms come with a satisfying range of options, there's almost no limit to what you can do with Magento. The paid version of the platform obviously comes with more options than the free version, but the free (or "community") version of the platform is still fully customizable. 

Magento also offers its users a refreshing diversity of features, many of which are included in every package. Even the most basic versions of the platform come with catalog management, site management, product browsing, and other features that you usually have to install plugins or outright pay for. Marketing your online business is often the biggest challenge for potential eCommerce entrepreneurs, but all of Magento's packages include SEO and marketing tools to help you establish a customer base after your site has been built. 

Another good reason to choose Magento over other eCommerce sites is its extreme scalability. Whether you're just looking to set up a personal site for your freelancing business or the marketing manager for Nike, Magento can facilitate the individual needs of your business. More importantly, Magento is so flexible in terms of customizability that it can be easily grown, shrunk, or adjusted to meet the shifting needs of your business. So if you're just starting out, Magento can appropriately accommodate on a small scale and continue to grow with the business. 

Magento is known for its security, an incredibly important consideration for any online business owner. Every website supported by Magento comes with PCI compliance and SSL certification. Magento also hosts a platform security center that provides users with security news, tips, and 24/7 support. This gives it a more personalized feel than other eCommerce platforms and enables users to make the best security choices for their individual sites. 

All Magento packages come with built-in SEO tools, which is almost enough by itself to make Magento worth considering. The platform automatically provides users with advanced SEO tools like sitemaps (HTML and XML), URL rewrites, and metadata, among others. These kinds of tools you often have to separately install as apps or plugins on other platforms, or at least have to pay for a more advanced package in order to access. The cool thing about Magento is that these SEO tools are even included in the free package. Even managers of the simplest Magento sites on the cheapest plans can rest assured that their sites are SEO-friendly. 

Better still, Magento site owners can use multiple sites in multiple languages under a single installation. This is the biggest reason that multinational corporations and organizations choose Magento over other eCommerce platforms. Multiple versions of the same website under different country codes can all be supported and managed under a single Magento account, making it incredibly easy for customers all over the world to access your site and participate in your business. Multiple stores can be easily set up using different national domains, languages, and even currencies to ensure easy access and even easier transactions for potential customers across the globe. 

Last, but certainly not least, all Magento sites are responsive, which means that they are mobile-friendly. In today's market, most potential customers will be browsing and purchasing on your site from mobile locations, rather than computers or even laptops. Responsive eCommerce themes on other platforms can be tricky to find, so the fact that it's an automatic feature of Magento's site-building technology relieves a lot of unnecessary headaches for business owners and customers alike.     

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