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Using Pet Finding Apps to Save Your Lost Dog

By Staff Reporter , Nov 15, 2019 03:44 PM EST
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It is an urgent crisis when you realize your dog is missing. The circumstances vary wildly about how your pet became lost. He may have snatched the leash from your hand when startled by a loud noise. It could be that your dog is a notorious escape artist, and this time, it happened, and no one noticed immediately. Your dog may be missing from your home, or an area you were visiting.

Take care to make sure your dog is microchipped and wearing a collar and tags with your current name and phone number on them.  In the event your dog is missing, do not forget to keep your phone charged and nearby at all times until your dog returns safely.

How your dog went missing is crucial because it will determine some of the most important steps in determining how to make sure he is returned safely.  The good news is that a study done by the SPCA shows that 93% of lost dogs reunite with their owners.

Less than six percent of missing dogs are located at shelters. It is still a good idea to check your local shelters or shelters in the area where your pet went missing. However, the first thing you should do is use one or a combination of pet finding apps.

Pet finding apps allow you to send out an alert, conduct a search of found dogs in the geographical area and will provide a list of emergency steps to take. Apps with respected reputations for seeing owners and pets reunited include:

  • Findshadow-allows you to post your lost dog. The app will also customize a list of steps you need to take. Volunteers help with every single lost dog by combing online photos from social media and other sources for found dogs.
  • Finding Rover-Finding Rover has unique facial recognition matching software to help match a picture of your dog to any reported found dog across a large array of platforms. The app also sends out alerts to users in your area.
  • Fur Alert-Fur Alert sends out an alert to users within a ten-mile radius when you upload your missing pet report.

Other steps to take:

After you have activated an alert on a lost pet app, you want to keep the momentum going by:

  • Case the area where your dog went missing. Call for your dog in a calm voice, as he is likely afraid and may hesitate to respond if you sound stressed.
  • Talk to as many people in the area as possible. Show them a picture of your dog and leave them a flyer or a copy of your phone number in case your dog is spotted.
  • Have flyers printed and put up on telephone poles in the area.
  • Take flyers to your local veterinarian offices.
  • For a microchipped pet, contact the company and make sure your most recent information is on file.
  • Post a picture of your dog on lost and found local social media sites. These have great results, as they are often the first place that someone who finds a missing pet turns.

Lost dogs often return home on their own. If your dog went missing from your home or backyard, make sure someone is home in case the dog returns. Dogs commonly return home after they are done exploring.  Although your dog may return home on his own, do not wait to take action when you realize your dog is missing. The faster you take action, the better the odds of seeing your pet returned safely.

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