Link Building & Guest Posting Updates- 2020

By Ernest Hamilton , Dec 04, 2019 08:35 PM EST

Over the years, the importance of high-quality backlinks has only increased. What once used to be a quantitative measure, is now qualitatives in nature. In other words, the links are now scanned for the quality they bring in, along with the number of links.

Undoubtedly, guest posting has emerged as a popular tool for securing backlinks to a website. It not only helps secure backlinks but also brings in value for a brand or a business.

But, the real question is, how do you get the maximum output from your link building efforts? And what if you get to do it in a manner that is Google-friendly and brings in quick results?

Here in this article, you'll find the most effective strategy that you can use in the year 2020.

Tap Into The Trending Topics

It is needless to say that good content is rewarded by the search engines with better ranks in SERPs. But, what's not usually shared is- the trick for selecting a topic for your content. When choosing what you should create your content about, the topics that are trending can actually, help rank you better and quickly. The expertise of the link building service that you choose can be easily scored on the basis of the freshness of their content. An added benefit of choosing a 

trending topic is that your content gets to be featured in suggestions for the users.

Create Content That Lasts

Topic selection is just the beginning of your link building efforts. In order to secure contextual links from other domains, you need content. But, not just any type of content would suffice. In fact, according to leaders in SEO, content that displays expertise is trusted by the users. And of course, readership is enhanced when you earn trust. Therefore, providing your website with a quick boost in organic and referral traffic.

Links Owned By Competitors

Marketing has always been a competitive space where brands and marketers keep on struggling to surpass one another. It is advised by even the top guest blogging service provider that competitor analysis can give you an extra edge in the competition. And, in case you decide to secure backlinks from domains that your competitors are referred from, the deal can turn out to be more pleasant. All you need to do is reach out to your competitors' backlinks and seek their collaboration.

Keep A Track Of Bad Links

While you are busy reaching out to new influencers and bloggers, it is easily overwhelming to track your link profile. In fact, it is one of the most common mistakes that digital marketers tend to make. You need to keep track of your backlinks at all times. A single broken or bad link can do 10x more harm than ten good links can do good. For this reason, keeping an eye for bad links and disavowing them in time is therefore of utmost importance.

Taking your SEO to the next level needs better competence against and of course a firm strategy in place. Hopefully, these strategies can help you compete better in your industry and grow your business. If you need help in data gathering, you can visit this site

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