Why Charlotte, NC Is Ideal For Software Developers

By Staff Reporter , Dec 23, 2019 11:01 PM EST
Why Charlotte, NC Is Ideal For Software Developers
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Charlotte, NC was recently ranked near the top of American cities for software developers. The city has done a good job of inviting new software companies, and they are growing the city's technology corridor. Because of this, someone who wants to choose a nice place to live could come to Charlotte instead of moving to places like Seattle or San Francisco. Read more to learn about how moving to Charlotte can change your life.

Charlotte Is Not A Huge City

Moving to Charlotte brings you to a city that is not so large that you feel overwhelmed. Charlotte is not even the capital of North Carolina, and it sits on the edge of the South Carolina border. You will not have a hard time driving into the city because it is not overpopulated.

Plus, Charlotte allows you to live in South Carolina if you like. There are a lot of people who prefer to live in the suburbs or down in a place like Fort Mill. You can live in a quaint southern town, but you can drive into the city to work every day. You can raise your family in a place like this, and you will meet other programmers who moved here because they wanted to live a quieter lifestyle.

Charlotte Is A Good Place To Network

Charlotte is a good place to network because it is not overly saturated with programmers and large companies. You will not be pushed out by people who have been in the city for a long time, and you also have space to start your own company. Some programmers could do freelance work in the city because they can easily get to know the people that run companies in the city.

Charlotte Makes Travel Easy

The Charlotte airport is not overly-busy, and the airport is easy to fly in and out of. You may need to travel to see your clients, and it is very important that you can travel when required. You will not need to worry about traffic like you would in larger cities, and that is why it is easier to work in Charlotte.

Plus, you might invite people to the city to meet with you or your company. People will enjoy traveling to Charlotte because it is a modern city that also has southern touches. You can take your clients out to get southern barbecue, and it only takes a few minutes to find charming towns outside the city that your clients will love. Clients from around the world will love the southern hospitality in the area, and they will enjoy exploring the city.

Charlotte Has Sports Teams

Sports teams drive economies, and Charlotte has some major sports teams! Your company could partner with any of these teams, and the city has a lot of college football fans that you can appeal to. You can take advantage of the media market in this city because you want to reach people on the TV and radio, and your company will become a household name very fast.


When you are thinking of moving to Charlotte, you need to consider what this city does for software developers and software companies. Companies in Charlotte have access to a world of options, clients, and southern hospitality. Plus, you will not need to fight with traffic in the morning because the city is not overcrowded. You can easily travel in and out of the city, and you can invite clients to Charlotte for a southern tour.

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