DearMob iPhone Manager: Easily Manage, Back up & Restore iPhone without Data Erasing

By Eric Hamilton , Dec 27, 2019 12:59 AM EST
DearMob iPhone Manager: Easily Manage, Back up & Restore iPhone without Data Erasing
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Have you ever lost a device? Had a device stolen? Had to replace a damaged device? Upgraded for one device to another?

Who hates losing app data because they were forced to do a factory reset or moved to a new iPhone or iPad?

If you are like me, your phone is your life. Now, I do not necessarily mean you live for what you do on your phone. I mean everything you probably do on a daily basis is on your phone.

All of my phone contacts, my calendar, my favorite pictures, and more. Losing this data for whatever reason would severely hamper my life. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to replace lost contacts, redownload songs, say goodbye to cherished pictures and videos because of a problem with my phone

Well, with DearMob iPhone manager, I found that those days are long gone.

My first thoughts were that if anything is easier than the way I do it currently, it has to be an improvement.

I know what you are saying, why do this when I have the iTunes or iCloud? The easy answer is, limitation. iTunes does not allow you to manage files selectively, while iCloud has a free limitation for the storage space you can use. And as anyone knows, if you are big into taking pictures, adding more and more songs, running apps, that data limit comes up mighty quickly.

Plus look at all the app settings, the contacts, the videos, and other vital data that you carry around on your device. Do you honestly think that you can store all of that in your iCloud?

What about when you buy that next big iPhone or iPad? All of the transferring of data from the old device to the new.

Last time I had to do that, I ended up losing half of my phone contacts and duplicates on others. My apps, some of them I lost my data in the transfer and had to start all over. And when you are on level 300 of Candy Crush and have to retrace your steps, it gets very frustrating.

With DearMob iPhone Manger, transferring iOS data is a breeze, in fact it all happens at the click and drag of a mouse. Simply go to the desktop application, select the files you want to transfer and click. Music, pictures, videos, whatever, if it is on your iPhone or iPad, it is simply transferred to your computer.

Even better, the transfer works the other way too.

Want to transfer new songs to your device? Simple choose from your media player and drag and drop. You can transfer single songs or entire playlists conveniently and quickly

That brings me to another great feature that DearMob iPhone Manager has, managing your iPhone and iPad data. Have too many songs on your device? Need to clean out the clutter of all the songs, all the videos, eBooks, pictures, or any number of other folders or files

Items that you do not want on your phone but do not want to delete?

With DearMob, you have options.

Merely go back to your desktop application and pick the items you no longer want. You can delete them or move them. No hassle, no fuss.

A feature for file management that I especially like is the playlist and song management. You can create new playlists and group them by artist, genre, whatever your fancy.

Now, all of that is pointless if you lose your device or upgrade to a new one. With DearMob iPhone Manager, backup and restore is a snap. With these features, you can create a restore point to backup.

Picture this, you have the latest iPhone, and want to get on with your digital life. Backup the data on your old device. Then go to the desktop application and restore it to your new phone. A few clicks and you are on your way. No lost files or apps.

Even better, you can do the same if you have to replace your device because it was damaged to the point it had to be replaced. If your device was stolen or lost, you can get back your digital life in just a few clicks.

I do not know about you, but that peace of mind itself is worth the price of admission.

Need to manage your songs, pics, and other items on your phone?

Now, if you are like me, your playlist and favorite songs can change almost daily. Usually, that means deleting songs you don't listen to anymore, a visit to the iTunes store to get newer songs. I have several playlists that I enjoy on different occasions. We all have them, the road trip playlist, the date night playlist, the on the way to work motivation list and on an on.

Changing out songs and playlists are a hassle. And especially if the reason I want to change the songs on my iPhone or iPad is a sudden one and I have to do it quickly.

I am always on the lookout for the next best iPhone or iPad. Not simply because I am a tech nerd and love the new shiny, but because being on top of my game digitally is a must. What I do hate is when I pull that new toy out of the box, I know that I am going to be spending the next few hours setting up the new device.

Moving songs, apps, contacts, the whole nine yards.

No longer a problem with DearMob iPhone Manager. You can simply create a backup of your old device and move it to your new one. All your songs are there. Your apps and the data are there. As well as your phone contacts, email settings.

The iPhone and the iPad are wonderful devices, they are our digital lives. I am finding that DearMob not only saves my digital life from a deleted end, but it also makes it easier to experience my digital life.

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