Ouch! The Top 7 Most Expensive Replacement Car Parts!

By Eric Hamilton , Jan 17, 2020 01:24 AM EST

Every day, thousands of Americans take their vehicle in for service. In most cases, the service required is unexpected and the large bill is unplanned for.

In fact, the average car repair bill is between $500 and $600. This price tag is so high that many Americans are forced to take on debt to pay it.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to plan for the unexpected. Savvy car owners put money aside each month for their auto needs.

Read on to learn about the most expensive replacement car parts. Explore 5 auto repairs that are certain to cost a pretty penny.

1. Engine

The engine is the most critical system in your vehicle. It is the prime mover and the vehicle cannot operate in any capacity without it.

If your engine is blown, the price tag could be upwards to $10,000. Of the many subcomponents within an engine, the cylinders are amongst the most expensive to repair. In many cases, engine repair costs more than the value of the car.

2. Transmission

The transmission is an auto repair that all drivers fear. You can tell that a transmission is starting to fail when your engine does not shift gears efficiently. In some cases, your transmission slips and drops into a lower gear unintentionally.

The cost of a transmission repair depends on what is being done. In the event of a complete replacement or rebuild, it could cost up to $4,000. There are cheaper maintenance tasks like a transmission flush that will cost significantly less.

3. Catalytic Converter

Besides for auto enthusiasts, many drivers do not know what a catalytic converter is. This component is responsible for converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If your catalytic converter fails, the check engine light will turn on.

The catalytic converter cost to replace is approximately $1,500. Repair is rarely an option and you cannot pass a state inspection without replacing it.

4. Suspension

Your vehicle's suspension is what allows you to drive enjoy a smooth ride. If the suspension fails, you will feel every dip and bump on the road.

The suspension system is comprised of a number of relatively inexpensive parts. However, when a single component fails, the mechanic typically recommends a complete replacement. Replacement costs are roughly $2,500 to $3,500.

5. Air Bags

Not many people realize how expensive it is to replace and reinstall airbags. Even a minor car accident can deploy the airbags.

However, this repair action costs up to $4,000. The good news is that air bag deployment typically means that car insurance is involved.

A Recap of the Most Expensive Replacement Car Parts

A car payment alone is a burden for most Americans. Paying for a major repair is often not in the budget.

Hopefully, this information educates you on how expensive a repair can be. Putting money aside for maintenance on your engine or transmission is a wise move.

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