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How To Choose Best Proxy Provider?

By Staff Reporter , Jan 20, 2020 05:19 PM EST
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What is a Proxy?

Every time you surf the internet, your internet service provider tracks all the moves you make. They can also estimate your location thanks to the IP address they gave you. Here is where proxies would come in handy. The proxy would act as a substitute address that would allow you to go online anonymously.

In essence, a proxy is an intermediate server that provides different levels of privacy, functionality, and security, depending on your personal needs or company policy.

Introducing the Concept of Limited Item Copping

If you could purchase your favorite brand of popular sneakers as easily as you buy things off general online stores, you'd probably do it as often as you can. Sure, you can choose to line up at the physical store on the release date, but there is a high possibility that by the time it's your turn, the shoes are sold out! So why not cop your favorite brand from home? In this article, we shall go through some tips and tricks on how to cop that sneaker you wanted.

Proxies and Copping

The secret to copping a pair of sneakers (or any other item for that matter) is to get a different proxy for each task you run on your computer. Let's use the example of a sneaker brand called Y. For starters, you would have to purchase a branch of Y proxies each week. This shouldn't be a cause for alarm as there are great proxy providers out there!

Next, ensure that you use only one proxy per task. The proxies will make it appear as if you are in the nearest or most convenient location and will, therefore, provide you with the best specs needed to cop Brand Y.

Data center vs. Residential Proxies

While you might already know what proxies are, we will talk about the main differences between the two most commonly known kinds of proxy - residential and data center.


Residential Proxy

A residential proxy is the IP address provided to a home by an internet service provider. The address is genuine in that it is attached to a physical location. This means that in the event you move houses, the internet service provider will have to give you a new IP address.

Pros of a Residential Proxy

●      Anonymity - one of the main reasons why people opt to get this proxy is due to the guaranteed anonymity.

●      Security - residential proxies rely on P2P (person to person networks), and this ensures that all your data is protected from third parties.

●      Free passage - there are almost no chances of a residential proxy getting blocked, especially if the service provider is of good quality.

Cons of a Residential Proxy

●      Price - residential proxies are costly compared to data center proxies.

●      Speed - the speed is lower compared to data center proxies.

●      Choice -there are fewer companies that sell residential proxies as compared to those selling data center proxies.

Data Center Proxy

Data center proxy differs from a residential proxy in that an internet service provider does not own it. These proxies are provided by third-party corporations and are not as legitimate as residential ones, but it doesn't mean that they don't have their advantages!

Pros of a Data Center proxy

●      Price - data center proxies are very affordable.

●      Speed - you can easily acquire a data center proxy with internet speeds ten times faster than your local provider.

●      Availability - data center proxies are more common than residential proxies. This feature makes them available regardless of your location.

●      Geo-restricted content - data center proxies allow you to access content that is restricted in your geographical area.

Cons of Data Center Proxy

Blacklisting - users of data center proxies are more likely to get blacklisted from websites compared to those of residential proxies. Of course, this only depends on whether the proxy is discovered, which is very rare.

So Which Proxy is the Best for Copping Limited Edition Sneakers?

From the features discussed above, it is clear that data center proxies are the best choice for copping. They have an incredible speed that is up to ten times faster than residential proxies. This would come in handy when purchasing limited edition sneakers as the commands you input in the browser will be executed promptly.

Takeaway: How Do I Pick the Right Proxy Provider?

Most legitimate proxy providers grant you either a free trial to try out their product or money-back guarantee. Take advantage of this free trial to test the proxies on various websites before submitting your payment. Other than the free trial, there are other tips to help you pick the right proxy provider. Such include:

●      Reviews - read the reviews of previous buyers to check the general reception of the product. Lots of mid/positive reviews (never trust too many good reviews) should prompt you to purchase the product.

We found proxy services reviews on You can read found information about these providers:

o   Geosurf;

o   Smartproxy;

o   Oxylabs;

o   Luminati;

o   And others.

●      Big pool of proxies - if your project requires you to get proxies from specific locations, your best choice would be to go for a provider with an extensive list of locations.

●      Customer support - ensure that the proxy provider you settle on has available customer service that is convenient for you.


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