What are the Different Types Of SD Cards?

By Staff Reporter , Jan 21, 2020 04:05 PM EST
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Most of us use digital cameras, smartphones, and camcorders. But often we lack storage spaces. Thus,we often have to delete our precious memories. But not now. This is because SD cards are available in the market. I'm sure all of you must have seen an SD card. But do you know, SD cards are of different types?

Yes, it's not a joke. There are different types of SD cards, depending upon the type of devices you are using and the storage capacities.

If you look at different SD cards at the same place, you will find that all of them look the same. For a layman, it can be quite challenging to understand the different specifications mentioned about the SD cards. 

Another major question that people face is how to choose different SD cards as per their needs. Often people ask questions whether they can use the same SD card for their mobile, cameras, and camcorders?

Well, it can be quite confusing when you are looking at the specifications mentioned on the packed SD cards. But, we will give you a guide about different types of SD cards and how to choose them as per your requirements.

Following are the three main aspects that will help you differentiate between different types of SD cards and will also guide about choosing the best SD card in the market:

Card size:

The most SD card comes in various sizes. The three types of SD cards based on its size includes micro SD card, Mini SD card, and the standard SD card. The standard size cards are used mostly in different camcorders, laptops, computers, and mobile phones. But the last few years have seen a significant trend about the micro SD card. The micro SD card is used mostly in mobile phones and tablets. But you can use an adapter to use a micro SD card in a camcorder, cameras, and other digital devices. Most commonly, people use standard SD cards and micro SD cards in their device for storing data. 

Card speed class:

The card speed class is another important specification that you find in your SD card packaging. But often people don't understand the meaning of speed class, and they buy the SD card of any speed class they look at. Speed class determines the minimum data writing speed of an SD card. It refers to the rate at which data is transferred to the digital devices. The speed class is measured in MBps, which means megabytes per second. There are mainly four-speed classes of an SD card, and these are classes 2,4,6 and 10. The 10 Mbps speed class is the most efficient SD card, which has the highest speed class. 

The Capacity of the SD card:

The capacity of the SD card is another significant aspect of the SD card. The capacity of the SD card is broken into three major stages, and these stages include standard SD card, which stores up to 2 GB data, the SDHC, which stores up to 32 GB of data. And at last, the SDXC (extended capacity) has the memory capacity up to 1 TB. 

All these specifications are provided on the packaging of the memory. Thus, you must be aware of all these specifications before you buy the SD card for your devices. 

The above-mentioned types of memory cards were based on different specifications. But we will also explain to you about the major types of SD cards that are available in the market. Read the guide carefully to buy the SD card as per your requirement.

UHS-1 SD cards:

UHS class SD cards are the Ultra-High-Speed memory cards that have the memory writing speed up to 312 Mbps. Now the market has UHS-1 SD card with a writing speed maximum up to 104mbps. But, the UHS-2 SD cards will have increased writing speed up to 312 Mbps. Because of the high writing speed of the UHS class SD cards, they are used for full HD video recording and high resolutions still photography. If you love photography, you must use this SD card for maximum benefits.

Eye-Fi Wireless SD memory cards:

The Eye-Fi wireless SD memory cards are the new version of SD cards. These SD cards are wi-fi enabled. The best part of these memory cards is that it allows transferring videos and pictures to other wi-fi enabled devices. You can easily share your videos and pictures on the social networking sites with these SD cards. Thus, for the millennials, this SD card is a must in their digital devices.

Micro SD cards:

The micro SD cards are named so because of their tiny size. These SD cards are mostly used in smartphones due to their small size. These small SD cards mostly come with an adapter so that you can use them with other devices like camcorders, cameras, and other digital devices. 

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Now, you have probably mastered all about the different types of SD cards. So, use this knowledge to choose the best SD cards for your devices. The market is filled with unlimited types of SD cards, and each brand boasts of offering the best quality SD cards. But before you go for SD card shopping, be careful to choose the SD card that is capable of installing in your device. Some SD cards are not compatible with different devices. Thus, before paying for the SD card you are purchasing, check the compatibility of the SD card with your digital device. 

Look at the following major specifications carefully, and you are bound to get the best SD card as per your requirement.

  • Speed class of the SD card

  • The capacity of the SD card you are buying

  • Price and Brand of the SD card

  • Size of the SD card, which is compatible with your device.

So, don't overthink, just read the above-mentioned specifications and get the best SD card for your device.

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