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Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Views

By Staff Reporter , Jan 23, 2020 11:32 AM EST
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It's no secret that YouTube is a great platform for making money online. This video sharing platform can be used to promote a business, a blog, a website, or endorsing products. And the more viewers a video gets the better. That's why some people buy YouTube subscribers to get more views. When a YouTube video gets more views, it means more people have watched it and gotten the message. That means more entrepreneurs will be interested in working with the video or channel owner in promoting their products or services.

When it comes to YouTube ads, the amount of money that a person generates is based on the engagements the ad generates. In this case, engagement means watching or clicking on an ad for a period exceeding 30 seconds. The Adwords platform manages YouTube advertising. Advertisers choose their ads on a Cost per View or Cost per Click model.

But, whether a person uses YouTube to make money online or to promote their business, having their view counts remain low all the time can be very frustrating. Nevertheless, there are smart ways to get more views on YouTube. Here are some of them.

Create and Share Quality Videos

This may sound obvious. However, it's something that many people ignore when trying to boost their YouTube views. Generating more YouTube views becomes easier when a person shares great video content. People share great video content on their social media pages if they feel it's good. That means more people will find the videos and watch or share them too.

Different people have different businesses, audiences, and goals. This makes it hard to tell what makes video content great. Nevertheless, quality YouTube videos provide exceptional value to the audience. Therefore, providing exceptional value should be the guiding principle when creating YouTube videos to get more views.

Create and Stick to a Strategy

Why do you want to get more YouTube views? This should be the guiding principle when creating a YouTube strategy. You should be patient and take time to develop a strategy. An ideal YouTube strategy is developed with a goal in mind. To determine this goal, decide why you need more YouTube views. Come up with a strategy that will help you accomplish this goal.

Here are steps that can be followed to develop an effective YouTube Strategy:

  1. Creating a goal for creating and sharing videos on YouTube.
  2. Researching competitors' videos to determine what videos should focus on.
  3. Creating or choosing topics for YouTube videos.
  4. Determine how often to publish videos on YouTube.
  5. Determining how campaigns and channels will be organized.
  6. Creating topic schedules, days for producing videos, and assigning responsibilities.
  7. Deciding how YouTube videos will be shared on other platforms like a blog and social media.
  8. Analyzing data after posting and monitoring videos for 2-3 months.
  9. Deciding what to continue doing, what to tweak, and what to do away with.
  10. Repeating the steps for 5 or 6 months.

It's not easy to decide whether a YouTube strategy is working or not after posting a few videos. As such, it's advisable to stick to a strategy for some time to determine its effectiveness.

Encouraging More People to Subscribe to Your Channel

People that are already watching the videos uploaded to a channel and enjoying them can be a great source of future content views. Upon subscribing to a channel, viewers can opt to be notified whenever a new video is uploaded. That means the channel gets instant views upon releasing a new video.

The easiest way to get more views is to ask viewers to subscribe. This can be done by adding a call to action towards the end of the video requesting viewers to subscribe to the channel. A link can also be included in the description of a video to make subscribing easier for viewers.

Get Suggestions for Future Videos from the Audience

Amazing things happen when viewers are asked to suggest what they want future videos to be all about. This is a great way to create videos with the audience in mind. YouTube's mission statement says that the platform wants to give everybody a voice while showing them the world. People subscribe to a channel because it rhymes with their voice and provides the information they need.

Providing videos that the audience wants to view is a great way of building loyalty among viewers while keeping them coming back. Some successful YouTubers get ideas for creating new videos by reading the comments of their subscribers. This is also a great way to get ideas for creating videos that the audience loves.

Engage and Socialize

YouTube is a social media network. That means it's a social platform. Therefore, one of the smartest ways to get more YouTube views is engaging subscribers and fans. This entails responding to the comments they leave in the videos and asking the audience questions in the videos or descriptions. This provides a reason for the audience to engage with the channel.

Just like with the other social media networks, responses should be timely to maintain an ongoing conversation. When viewers leave negative comments, don't take long to answer them. Instead, pre-moderate comments and respond quickly.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Optimizing YouTube videos makes them appear where and when they should. A well-optimized video appears in the suggestions for related videos and search listings. Optimizing YouTube videos entails taking care of tags, title, description, and thumbnail. This may sound complex but it's not. For instance, if a video is created around a specific keyword, it should be included in the title and description. For the tags, keywords that can relate to the video's topic should be provided.

The Bottom Line

YouTube is a great platform for promoting a business, website or growing a personal profile as a thought leader or influencer. But, getting more YouTube views can be a challenge if you don't know how to do it. Luckily, several smart ways can get you more YouTube views. Developing and sticking to a strategy, as well as, creating quality content are some of the most effective ways of getting more views on YouTube. Try these and other tips shared here to get more YouTube views.

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