7 Best Fool-Proof Marketing Tips For Your eLearning Business

7 Best Fool-Proof Marketing Tips For Your eLearning Business
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Been looking for effective marketing techniques to boost your eLearning product/service's sales for a long time?

Yes, that can be hard. But don't worry. That's not the end of the world.

Here are 7 fool-proof marketing tips that can work wonders for your eLearning business. Wanna know about them?

Well, here you go then.

1. Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Your eLearning business may sell learning management systems. Or eLearning authoring tools. Or even both or several other eLearning tools for that matter.

But what are the odds that the same audience is going to buy them all?

Well, it depends largely on their needs - which you must know and target.

Take this, for example.

One of your eLearning prospects needs an eLearning authoring tool, while the other one needs a learning management system. Now, if you would specifically know what they are looking for in the software that they want to buy, you will be able to target them more precisely and comfortably.

Makes sense?

Well, the ball is clearly in our court. So, ensure that you do your research and formulate the right targeting strategy to reach your niche prospects.

2. Tell Them What's In Store For Them

If you've been thinking that your eLearning audience is interested in finding out about your awesome-blossom LMS, you're wrong.


If you've been thinking that they want to master the art of optimally using your eLearning tools and services, you're wrong.


If you've been thinking that they want to hear about how your LMS is the best, you're wrong.


The only thing that matters to them is "what's in store for them?" Basically, how your services can help them achieve their goals.

So, understand that your product may be the hottest dope on the planet, but may still not sell well if you fail to communicate how it can make business, growth and life easier for its users.

3. Focus On A Niche Pursuit

As mentioned in a section above, it's essential for you to niche down your marketing efforts.

It's like, you can't sell your learning management system to an audience that's looking for eLearning authoring tools.

So, go on and be as specific with your targeting settings, as you can be.

Remember that the idea is to present your users with what they need, and when they need it.

For a better understanding, here's an example.

If you are using Facebook ads for promoting your eLearning business, you can leverage its micro-targeting features for making the most out of your campaigns.

This will enable you to target your business prospects based on their location, company size, several (niche) eLearning interests, age group, and various other demographics. Laser-targeting 101!

4. Give A Sneak Peak

You would know how a number of software publishers offer their users a free trial for luring them into buying the premium deal.

As your product is also software, the same approach can work for you as well.

So, see if you can offer your users a free-trial that they can use for a while (maybe a week or ten days). This will introduce them to their software, and then, if they genuinely find it useful, they may go on to buying it.

Such a sweet process, isn't it? We'd say: sweet enough to deserve a try.

5. Use Testimonials

Testimonials work like a charm in marketing.

Think about it. A prospect visits your landing page and is partly convinced with the offer. However, still in doubt about your product's reliability and your company's service quality.

A happy testimonial message will instantly save the day for you.

So, get in touch with your best customers and request them to kindly share their valuable feedback and upload them as early as you can.

6. Be A Constant In Your Users' Lives

Just because you sold your product(s) to a customer once, doesn't mean you can let them go.

Studies report that nearly 80 percent of future profits for an organization come from 20 percent of its existing customers.

The same can be true for your company as well.

So, make sure you never let your customers go away. Be constant in their lives. Send useful newsletters. Publish helpful content. Ask them for their feedback and act upon it as well.

Keeping in touch with customers, even after making a sale will make them believe that you care about more than just making a sale. So, when your next products launch, you will have an already built eLearning audience that may be interested in your new launch.

Such a win-win!

7. Use Niche-Specific eLearning Marketing Gimmicks

The world of eLearning marketers is constantly innovating. As a result of this, we are blessed with a few niche-specific marketing techniques known to perform for an eLearning audience.

So, if you want to take your eLearning business' marketing game to the next level, these techniques can surely help.

Speaking of what those techniques are, here's a list of three.

-       Outsourced Popup Banner Marketing

-       Niche-specific PPC

-       Outsourced Push Notifications Marketing

Doubtful about what these mean?

Outsourced popup banners and push notifications marketing campaigns are those that promote your eLearning products and services on a different eLearning website using popup banners and push notifications.

And a niche-specific PPC campaign for eLearning businesses is the one that displays PPC ads only to an eLearning audience.

Bonus Tip For Business Owners


Integration With CRM - If you're an LMS provider, a Salesforce integration software will prove its worth in more ways than one. Through its use, your sales team can get ready access to critical data that can be leveraged to build fresh sales campaigns for a more targeted approach.

Final words

Marketing an eLearning business can be a tricky treat. And then there's a world of marketing techniques, strategies and ideologies that work for some and don't for others.

Amidst all this, holding focus and excelling towards your marketing goals can get stressful.

But don't worry. For all your eLearning marketing goals, the tips above will help you. That's what we shared these for.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post.

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