Design Trends you Should Know

By Eric Hamilton , Mar 27, 2020 10:51 AM EDT

For everything from product labels to websites, the right design has a huge impact on people. Keeping up with the latest design styles is important because it lets organizations present a trendier and more modern vibe to their audience. Here are some of the biggest trends you can expect to see in the upcoming years.

3D Depth and Realism

Thanks to modern software, it is very easy for designers to use shading and highlights to create extremely realistic looking images. This has led to a growing interest in realistic looking designs, ranging from simple shaded bubbles to font that looks like it is exploding. Another popular way to use realism is by adding metallic effects to surfaces. With their added detail, these types of designs are particularly popular in designs that need a creative, artsy edge.

Flat Design

3D design might be trendy in some circles, but another major fashion is for the exact opposite design ethos. So what is flat design really all about? Typically, it is characterized by an interest in bold colors, minimalist design, and stylized icons. This type of design was first popularized with Microsoft's Windows 10 update, and since then, it has exploded. The use of simple icons and strong color schemes makes it work well on screens of all sizes and resolutions, making it particularly useful for web and app design. With its ability to quickly grab attention and convey complex concepts in basic shapes, flat design has all sorts of promising applications.

Hand Lettering

Designers have been experimenting with typography for years, working with bigger, bolder, and often hand-made type. Custom hand lettering and brush script lettering has remained popular, and there is no indication that this trend will be going away anytime soon. Lettering becomes a form of personification, giving a word or phrase a personality rather than just being another monotonous piece of design. Consumers crave that element of hand-done design, and it's the designer's job to create that humanistic aspect to a design.


An interesting way that many designers are simplifying their work lately is through the use of monochrome. This might sound basic, but monochrome does not always mean minimalist. Instead, the trend is to use a single color to unite multiple design elements, creating a design that has visual interest while still looking cohesive. Keep in mind that the new monochrome is not neutral. Instead, it usually consists of cheerful, bright colors like pink, yellow, blue, or purple. One of the most popular ways to display monochrome has been through the use of monochrome filters over photos, but it also shows up in fonts and less realistic images as well.


Another sign that minimalism is out the door is the growing disinterest in flat, basic fonts like Helvetica. Instead, more and more designers are using typography in a playful way. Writing is twisted into curves and other shapes, or text is distorted to create pictures. Letters are often the biggest part of a design now, and they tend to use heavy, elaborate fonts. Curved shapes reminiscent of art deco and psychedelic design are particularly popular right now, but san serif remains a classic option.

Doodling and Line Drawings

Adding line drawings and simple hand-drawn elements has become increasingly popular in the design world. This design trend is reminiscent of the doodling one might have done on their notebook in high school, but adds a fun element to a design. Doodles and illustrations on top of images helps to create a mood, typically one of informality and excitement. This trend gives designers the opportunity to create a very unique design piece!


GIFs have been growing in popularity over the years and companies have been finding new and unique ways to incorporate them in their brand. These graphic pieces are a way to bring simple designs and even logos to life in a new and unique way. GIFs have been becoming more visible in email marketing design, on social media, web design, and more, making it a great trend to hop on and incorporate into your design strategy.

Soft, Warm Color Palettes

Gone are the days when every new app, logo, and restaurant had a grey or blue color scheme. In general, design has been shifting towards warmer hues and pastels instead of bland, cold neutrals. Soft, warm earth tones like sand beige and fern green are particularly popular right now. There is also a growing interest in vintage colors that reference sunny 60s and 70s color palettes. These color schemes tend to blend sunny yellows, soft pinks, cheerful reds, and warm aquas to create a happy, nostalgic vibe.

Ultimately, there are a lot of great new trends to pick from when you are working on designs. The opportunities to create something different and unique are endless! By thoughtfully incorporating these trends in your work, you can appeal to people looking for fashionable and up-to-date creations.

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