[Heartbreaking VIDEO] Nurse Breaks Down And Tells The Public About The Reality of Coronavirus Deaths

[SHOCKING VIDEO] Nurse Breaks Down And Tells The Public About The Reality of Coronavirus Deaths
Screenshot From Zosia Kai @ZosiaKai Twitter Page Photo : Screenshot From Zosia Kai @ZosiaKai Twitter Page

A viral video shows a certain ICU nurse working on the very frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic breaking down in tears while sharing the heartache she has experienced by seeing many of her patients die. D'neil Schmall is a 35-year-old ER ICU nurse who has previously moved to New York which is now the global epicenter of this coronavirus outbreak last March 30 in order to help fight this deadly illness!

D'neil has currently been working at the temporary Central Park hospital on a rapid response team that is currently dedicated towards the treatment of COVID-19 patients. In the gut-wrenching video, D'neil breaks down about the frustration and devastating reality of her job as she uncontrollably sobs and admits that she is 'tired' of walking into a room only to find her patients dead.

The viral video

According to D'neil, "I just feel there is so much anyone can take," she says while trying to wipe her tears later continuing by saying that she is "tired of walking into rooms, and your patients are dead. You just walk into a room, and there's a dead body there. I'm tired of calling families and telling them that news."

D'neil even explains at the start of the video that she has just worked her 'worst day' just yet and also expressing her heartache over the entire number of her fellow nurses who have also lost their lives to this COVID-19. She then pays tribute to her 'sisters and brothers' who have recently died in the service of others.

This former bodybuilder then went and begged for more compassion as well as understanding from the public, she then admitted that many people still think that the medical staff are 'immune' to both the illness and the heartaches. She then states that she "cried the whole way home, I mean the driver was like, "Ma'am are you okay?"'

D'neil later on shared that "I don't think people understand how stressful this job is. I was trained for anything in the world but this is so stressful, "saying that as everyone is trying hard, nurses are humans too.


D'neil's hopes for the video

The raw footage of D'neil's video has been uploaded as she hopes that her video will help people understand the true devastation of the fight against this COVID-19 as even the healthcare workers are taking a toll.

D'neil admitted that "The sad part is, I truly feel like nobody cares... nobody cares about how we feel, because this is our job, this is what you signed up for, right?" she then bids everyone the best of luck saying that "we can all make through this if we stick together."

The caption of the video offers more information about her whole day-to-day schedule, detailing the many grueling hours that most healthcare workers are currently dealing with.

She finally adds that "I love my job I LOVE what I do! I'm not LEAVING! But that doesn't mean front liners aren't human and won't be emotions about this experience as well."

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