Husband Watches Wife Give Birth on Zoom after being Admitted for Coronavirus in the Same Hospital in California

By Urian , May 13, 2020 03:44 AM EDT

In Baldwin Park, California, a certain Roxanne McCabe was 38 weeks pregnant when they received the shocking news that her husband, Milo, had tested positive for COVID-19. According to Milo McCabe, the feeling was like having his stomach come all the way up to his throat.

McCabe's condition rapidly started to decline and he was hospitalized at the Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center. According to Roxanne, she did not know if Milo would ever come home and that she was worried that she would have to raise their newborn all by herself. Roxanne described the whole situation as "very traumatic."

Zoom Video Communication

Milo McCabe described the situation as him feeling like he was actually drowning in his own body. According to Dr. Kim Man, a certain pulmonary and critical care specialist who was in charge of treating him, Milo needed intubation.

Slowly, Milo's condition improved but he was still unable to join his wife.

With the whole situation revolving Milo's age and a first child on the way, everyone was very anxious about him, according to Dr. Kim Man. Roxanne McCabe then started to go into labor and her husband was not around in person due to still being possibly contagious of the coronavirus. It was her mother that was with her during the time of the delivery.

Although Milo was not able to be physically present during the delivery, he was able to get the next best thing. He was able to watch his baby daughter, Emberly, being born via Zoom video chat that happened last April 20 in California.

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Roxanne McCabe described the situation as being thankful for technology since it has helped them find a way to let Milo see the birth despite being positive of the coronavirus.

After a few days, Milo McCabe was finally released from the hospital and was able to meet his baby girl. According to Milo, the real thing is still very much different saying that he had a hard time looking at her despite being across the room.

Milo spent his 29th birthday in the hospital and his wife said that they did not expect the situation to be that bad since they were both young and healthy people. The family is finally reunited with each other and they say that they are feeling very grateful for being able to overcome the unexpected hurdle of Milo catching the coronavirus.

Milo is within a healthy demographic but has still become a victim of the coronavirus in California despite being healthy and young which only result in the lower statistic of coronavirus patient.

Milo experienced both his birthday and the birth of his daughter inside the hospital. Although he has recovered from the virus and has finally been reunited with his family, his experience was not easy at all.

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