How Small Businesses Can Leverage AWS For Success

How Small Businesses Can Leverage AWS For Success
Photo : How Small Businesses Can Leverage AWS For Success

When running a small business, exploring the tools available on the market to improve its performance is mandatory. From all the available resources, Amazon Web Services is one of the most helpful because it is a trust-worthy cloud-based infrastructure, thousands of organisations use around the world as the backbone of their websites and apps. Inc created this cloud platform, and since its launch, it has provided the e-commerce giant with gargantuan profit. Only in the first quarter of 2020, AWS landed $10 billion revenue, for Amazon. To name only a few, Netflix, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Expedia are using AWS to operate. 

Understandably, there are many reasons why AWS is a good investment for any small business. Alongside the over 50 services it offers to companies to help them build, launch, and scale their operations, it also encourages cost savings. 

So let's explore the benefits small organisations have if they integrate AWS into their operations. 

They can cut down on expenses

You can choose from over 100 tools from the AWS portfolio to power your company. Your business requirements determine the features you use, so you don't have to pay for setting servers ahead. You can use a DeVops consulting firm to help integrate many of the options safely and professionally.

You get only the services you need at present, and as your business evolves, you add new ones. The most significant advantage when working with Amazon is that you can access these tools free for a year to understand which one fits your organisation. Once the trial is over, you'll pay only for the services beneficial for your venture. When you hire a DevOps consultant, ensure they have AWS knowledge to monitor and asses your operations and help you identify the tools you need to power your company. 

They facilitate data management

Amazon houses the AWS data in different areas (it has 76 availability zones) worldwide because they crafted it as a cloud-bases system. This means you can quickly access your data. You don't have to set up or maintain servers because Amazon does it for you. It cuts stress and money and provides you with the infrastructure to run your business effectively. 

They guarantee security

In a world where cyberattacks threaten both small and large companies, you need a partner to support your efforts. Amazon is an expert at providing security services, and they make it at an affordable cost. It has a robust security system that gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on running your operations. 

You decide which one of your employees can access specific pieces of information and you can check their activity. AWS comes with 24/7 customer service, so when a problem arises, they solve it quick before interfering with your business. 

They are user-friendly

Integrating new tools in your business can be frustrating, but AWS is a flexible platform that allows you to pick the programming language, database, and operating system you're comfortable with. You won't have to train your team to learn something new; they can stick with what's convenient for them. And as your business grows, you can personalise the services to ensure they serve your purpose. 

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