Terraria Guide: Get the Zenith Sword by Finding the 9 Crafting Materials (Recipe Unlock)

By Staff Reporter , May 17, 2020 02:55 AM EDT

Thanks to recent Journey's End update, Zenith Sword becomes the most in-demand Terraria weapon right now. The newest and among the biggest updates so far introduces a lot of content to the favorite Sandbox game. That includes Zenith, the final sword. 

How to Get the Zenith Sword in Terraria

In order to unlock the Zenith sword, you need to locate all the 9 crafting materials.

The process of unlocking the Zenith Sword is a huge one and there's no easy shortcut. You need a recipe to craft the final sword as it isn't available in the wild.

Below are the nine other swords you need to locate. Note that you may have to combine them through an Orichalcum Anvil or Mythrill.

The Zenith Sword Crafting Recipe

Star Wrath

Moon Lord drops this sword for an 11% drop rate. Hence, you may need to keep trying until you get Star Wrath.

Enchanted Sword

In order to get Enchanted Sword, you have to go to Enchanted Sword Shrines and break the background sword spirits.

Influx Waver

Make Martian drop Influx Waver as you join the Martian Madness Event. There is only about 11% chance this happens though. 


In order to craft Zenith Sword, prepare to keep trying in getting Seedler as there is only a 14% chance Plantora drops this sword.

The Horseman's Blade

Getting this sword entails facing a tough boss roaming around the Pumpkin Moon. He is known as the Pumpking monster.


As part of the Zenith Crafting Recipe, you may need to explore the Floating Islands and open unlimited Skyware Chests in order to locate Starfurry.

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Copper Shortsword

Copper Shortsword is the first sword you need to spawn in Terraria and hence among the easiest crafting materials to unlock Zenith Sword.  At the Iron Anvil, you may craft it through 7 Copper Bars in case you lose it. Becase of its low quality and damage power, a lot of players are losing it as soon as possible.

Terra Blade

This crafting material can be pretty hard to complete in order to be able to get the Zenith Sword for the basic fact that it does not drop. You need to craft Terra Blade using materials that are pretty hard to locate. It may require you to get True Night's Edge and True Excalibur and then combine them at the Orichalcum Anvil or Mythril.


This is a Terraria sword that comes with the highest base damage. It can be quite powerful as it is able to shoot an enemy using Nyan Cat-Esque projectiles. Before going away, the projectiles can bounce around for a brief span.

In conclusion, In order to get Zenith Sword in Teraria, you need to complete a painstaking process. In order to get all the crafting materials, you have to battle with a boss and explore different locations. 

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