[Spoilers] Tom Ellis Closed A Deal As TV Show Lucifer's Main Character: Who Else Are Coming for the Sixth Season??

By Jared N. , May 30, 2020 07:42 AM EDT

A deal has come up that Tom Ellis signed with Netflix to return as the main character of the show Lucifer, the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar. The deal appears to have sealed the deal that Lucifer season 6 is confirmed.

(Photo : Netflix)

Lucifer Season 6 Seems To Be Confirmed

After Fox canceled the show after it aired for three seasons, the popular streaming service Netflix took the show under its wing and renewed the show for another season. The show's fans gave it an overwhelmingly positive response, which got the devilish drama another season.

Netflix announced that season 5 of Lucifer would be the final one. But many fans speculated that it wouldn't be the last season they'd get.

Ellis signed a deal to return as Lucifer Morningstar after a long-winded negotiation process. It's not solely the main character's actor who's coming back.

The rest of the show's cast has jumped on for another season. The actress who plays Chloe Decker, the detective, Lauren German, has been dropping hints about a season 6 happening.

A few days ago, Lauren German revealed that season 5's next episodes would be broken into two seasons. According to her, the show's creators will be making an official statement saying the same thing she did.

A while back, a report stated that season 5 of the show would be significantly longer than the previous seasons and that there would be 16 episodes. This information seemed correct as it was thought that the creators wanted to wrap up the show.

The upcoming episode was mentioned to be almost an hour long each, which is longer than the previous episodes' being only 45 to 50 minutes long. A report has stated that the creators of the show were busy shooting the show's finale. Then the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their production.

The production interruption could signify that the show's creators will be dropping season 5 with around eight episodes sometime soon. Lucifer season 5 will be released before the end of the year. The creators will most likely release the rest of the episodes later this year and then the final few episodes or so under season 6 next year.

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What Is The Show Lucifer About?

The show, Lucifer, was initially on the FOX network as a television series. But when it was canceled, Netflix took the show over. The series was initially picked up in May 2015, and it first aired by FOX on television in 2016.

The show is based around a comic book series with the same name, Lucifer. The comic books were published by an imprint of DC Comics, Vertigo.

Lucifer Morningstar, the main character, was an original creation thought up by Neil Gaiman as a part of a series of his in 1989 known as The Sandman. A spin-off series called The Sandman Presents: Lucifer was written by Mike Carey in 1999. Then, he wrote a solo series revolving around Lucifer that lasted 75 issues, and its final issue came out in 2006.

The Lucifer show has a similar premise to the comic books. Both of them depict Lucifer, who has stepped down from Hell's throne. After this, he decided to go to Los Angeles and become the owner of a nightclub called Lux.

The differences are significant enough between the comics and the show. In the comic, Lucifer challenges the Judeo-Christian God with theological questions surrounding predestination and free will. Meanwhile, the show has Lucifer as partner-in-crime to a detective of the LAPD Chloe Decker, where he helps solve murder cases to amuse himself.

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