George Floyd Immortalized by Haitian Artist Woodly Claymitte in Sculpture: BlackLivesMatter

A Haitian artist by the name of Woodly Claymitte decides to immortalize George Floyd by making a sculpture of him. The recent death of George Floyd has sparked a series of protests forwarding the BlackLivesMatter movement and calling for justice to be served for those responsible for the death of George Floyd.

The shocking video released not too long ago shows Floyd in police custody as a certain police officer by the name of Derek Chauvin puts his knee directly on Floyd's neck while he is faced down on the street.

The cries of Floyd were begging the police officer to get off of him and that he couldn't breathe. The officer remained in the same position for three minutes after Floyd had clearly become unconscious. The officer remained on Floyd's neck even when other civilians were begging the officer to get off of him.

Immortalizing George Floyd

Floyd opened the eyes of the world to the existence of police brutality and the unjust system until the masses demanded Derek Chauvin to be fairly treated and not just dismissed from service.

A Haitian artist named Woodly Claymitte decided to immortalize the popular harmless but now dead black man under the weight of the three white police officers that killed him. Woodly Claymitte dit Filipo, a professor of Sculpture over at the National School of Arts or ENARTS also demanded justice for the death of George Floyd.

Woodly Claymite decided to take a different approach and believed that Floyd should be immortalized through art which prompted him to create a sculpture of George Floyd. The sculpture is a reminder that a great man once lived but died under police brutality.


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The ongoing pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has already claimed the lives of more than 100,000 Americans and with the influx of protestors on the street, the number has only shot up reaching 19,000 in a single day alone since the protests.

People are in no way observing social distancing and are now flocking to the streets protesting BlackLivesMatter and the justice that the family of George Floyd deserves after his death under police brutality.

The streets have been packed with people all trying to protest the same thing, justice, equality, and a reminder that BlackLivesMatter. Despite the cry for justice, there are certain opportunists trying to take advantage of the situation.


As the protest started out peacefully, certain people with malicious intent started to take advantage of the situation turning it into a loot. Individuals are starting to vandalize, steal, and destroy both public and private property with no discernment of black or white owners.

Several small businesses have already been affected by the looters left and right with humble hard-earned money stolen from them. The businesses have been stolen from and destroyed with the owners wanting justice as well. The death of George Floyd has resulted in a series of strong events.

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