Gabrielle Union Accuses NBC of Racial Bullying After the Network Announced Support For Black Lives Matter

By Jared N. , Jun 04, 2020 10:33 PM EDT

Actress Gabrielle Union is taking action and speaking out against NBC after she quit America's Got Talent.

Gabrielle Union has revealed details of NBC's series, America's Got Talent, and its toxic work environment. She became physically ill due to Simon Cowell's smoking habits. The toxicity she faced when the network and producers behind the show harassed her had to lead her to file a harassment complaint that had been filed against them.

Union has also accused Paul Telegdy, NBC Entertainment Chairman, of directing threats towards her for using her voice to speak up against the racism she faced on set.

On Thursday, Bryan Freedman, who is Union's attorney, filed a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing in California. The complaint called out producers NBCUniversal, Simon Cowell's Syco and FremantleMedia.

Freedman stated that when Union informed NBC of the racial bullying she faced during America's Got Talent taping, the network did not support her fight against racially offensive misconduct. He brought up the network supporting the Black Lives Matter movement online.

Did The NBC Even Care About Union?

NBC couldn't care less about Union's accusations or complaints. They didn't even ask their HR department to involve themselves with her problems. Instead, they decided to stand against her and spoke against Union for whistleblowing about the racial bullying she went through while working on America's Got Talent for NBC.

Freedman said it was an outrage that the chairman of NBC Entertainment attempted to threaten Union to keep quiet about the racism that was happening on the set of America's Got Talent. A workplace has no place for any kind of racial discrimination. A simple tweet from NBC won't save the network's work environment from racist behavior.

Union's complaints are only the beginning of holding NBC responsible through the means of either a formal lawsuit or even arbitration. This incident will hopefully lead to a safe work environment at NBC for black talents from now to the far future.

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The NBC's Black Lives Matter Tweet Seems Ironic Now

This situation is ironic since the tweet by NBC they recently posted seems to be all an act. NBC's tweet seems to imply that they would stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and that they'd gladly take a stand against racial injustice due to the recent protests revolving around George Floyd's death.

NBC's tweet is quite obviously a performative one since they have a lot of work to do when it comes to racial discrimination and the injustice they face on their very own network itself.

The complaint hasn't received any comment from Cowell, Fremantle, or NBCUniversal. But in a joint statement, they had previously claimed that no one who's associated with America's Got Talent has made any racially discriminatory remarks about Union. They stated that gender and race didn't contribute to the elimination or advancement of any contestants ever.

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