Top Cars with Touch Screen Navigation in 2020

By Eric Hamilton , Jun 24, 2020 04:47 PM EDT
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As technology has advanced in the last few decades, more people have come to rely on sophisticated phones, tablets, and computers for a steady supply of information and entertainment. With that in mind, many vehicles include infotainment software with features like entertainment options and touchscreen navigation. Infotainment centers are no longer found only in luxury models. Carmakers are competing aggressively to offer customers touchscreen technology that puts user-friendly options at owners' fingertips. Models in every price range and style now provide an impressive array of features. Mercedes, Chrysler, Ford, Kia, Chevrolet, and Hyundai include some of the most in-demand software.

Hyundai Offers the BlueLink System

The Hyundai BlueLink infotainment system is available with seven or eight-inch screens, and the navigation feature is optional. The carmaker offers exceptionally user-friendly touchscreens that are known for being legible and fast. While the graphics may not be as flashy as software in other manufacturers' cars, it works well and is reliable. Shoppers who are interested in getting detailed information about BlueLink features can research online review sites. For example, a breakdown of Hyundai offerings is available at Car Buying Strategies.

Ford Models Include the Sync 3 Software Package

Car buyers who choose Ford's basic models will not get software that includes navigation. Per CNET Road Show, base models include only non-touchscreen Bluetooth, Ford's voice-command features, AM/FM radio and USB and auxiliary ports. However, customers can upgrade to Ford Sync 3 and choose a 6.5 or 8-inch touchscreen. The more upscale software adds features that include a navigation system.

Mercedes' COMMAND Offering Is User-Friendly

As expected from a luxury automaker, Mercedes' models include COMMAND, a world-class infotainment center that contains a powerful navigation system. The software creates customizable maps and offers turn-by-turn directions. In keeping with its high standards, Mercedes navigation systems use stylish icons and straightforward controls. Most Mercedes vehicles include COMMAND, but it is optional in the GLA, C-Class, and CLA.

MyLink is the Chevrolet Infotainment System

Chevrolet's MyLink includes big, easy-to-read text and icons. The intuitive interface includes an optional navigation system that is built into the vehicle's 7 or 8-inch touchscreen. In most vehicles, users can press a Navigation or Destination button to access maps and other customizable features.

Chrysler's Uconnect Is a Top-Notch System

Digital Trends reviewers describe Chrysler's Uconnect as one of the best-performing infotainment centers offered in non-luxury vehicles. There are several versions available, and the top design provides the best user experience. The automaker's cars offer a standard 8.4-inch screen with pre-loaded navigation features. Owners have the option to activate navigation any time after purchase. Chrysler trucks include a massive 12.0-inch touchscreen.

Kia UVO3 Is Easy to Use

Every Kia includes either a 7 or 8-inch touchscreen, but buyers who want a navigation system have to upgrade to the UV03 infotainment system. The navigation feature is voice-activated and hands-free, for increased safety. Drivers can start voice command by pushing a button on the steering wheel. Although the company's software is not the most elaborate, it works flawlessly and is easy to use while driving.

Today's vehicles often include infotainment centers that include user-friendly navigation systems that can provide turn-by-turn directions. Every carmaker has its version of the software, with many offering voice command options that make it easy for drivers to get directions without taking their hands off the wheel. In most cases, navigation systems are optional features that buyers may need to activate.

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