NIko Nance: The Story Behind His Viral 'White Lives Matter Too' Shirt on Facebook That Almost Cost Him His Life

By Urian , Jun 24, 2020 09:30 PM EDT

The death of George Floyd showcased the reality of police brutality that sparked the world in outrage. The Black Lives Matter movement also revived as people started to take a stand and fight for justice. Several opportunists started taking advantage by looting even from Black-owned businesses soiling the good intent of the movement.

Niko Nance viral Facebook photo

Located in Abilene, Texas, a certain Abilene resident by the name of Niko Nance, who is a black man, claims that he was actually beaten for wearing a specific white t-shirt that had the print "white lives matter too" in black. Nance had posted a picture of himself confidently putting on the shirt on Facebook.

He then claimed that just a few hours later, he was then beaten by a number of black men in the parking lot of a specific local bar. According to Nance, he was bleeding from both his nose and his mouth saying that he didn't think people would react like that.

Nance claimed that he was first punched before being thrown to the ground. He also said that he never really reported the incident to the police and just a few hours later, the picture that he had posted on Facebook suddenly went viral.

The Facebook post has already garnered thousands of likes and also shares topped with hundreds of comments in which some of them are positive while some of them are quite negative. The picture has gained attention all across the country.

Nance's stand on what he did

Nance pointed out that he wore the t-shirt in order to spread the message that everyone is equal and he said that he wanted to show his support for other cultures as well that are already supporting them because that apparently is "the way to be a union."

Nance claimed that he supports the Black Lives Movement and noted that the recent riots and also the violent protests have definitely had a negative effect on himself. According to Nance quoting Martin Luther King, "The violence right now is not the dream Martin Luther King had."

When asked if he would go out again and put on the t-shirt, Nance replied with a strong "definitely" explaining that he is standing for an idea that is much bigger than the current situation.

The death of George Floyd

The Black Lives Matter movement is a movement against police brutality to black people as a number of them have already been wrongfully murdered in the hands of police due to discrimination due to their skin color.

George Floyd, who allegedly used a counterfeit bill, was brutally murdered under the knee of a certain cop named Derek Chauvin while he begged for his life saying "I can't breathe." Although the bystanders were begging the police to get off of Floyd as they could clearly see his struggle, they only stopped when an ambulance arrived.

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