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[VIDEO] Are Dining Pods the New Normal for Dine-In Restaurants?

By CaseQ. , Jun 25, 2020 11:23 PM EDT

With the pandemic still underway, several restrictions have been put in place to keep people safe. But at the same time, the pandemic has affected several small businesses that have led them to the edge of bankruptcy.

Which is why, it's so important for businesses to adapt to a new strategy in order to prevent the same fate. With restaurants constantly finding new ways to cater to their customers keeping them safe at the same time, it all boils down to the question on how effective the restaurant's new setup is going to be.

And the answer to that question is yes. One example would be to use Perspex bubbles will help ensure diners maintain social distancing rules.

The Barn restaurant, near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire owned by Chef Josh Green has spent £12,000 on the bubbles which total around to 48 diners all in all.

Green is hoping that these pods can help eateries as coronavirus lockdown restriction ease on July 4 according to Daily Mail which is considered to be a godsend for foodies who have been craving a meal out during lockdown - and certainly make for dinner with a view.

Each one sits up to six people and is said to be weatherproof - apparently able to withstand 60mph winds.

According to Chef Green, he mentioned that this investment is paying off that they're booked until the end of August on weekends and only three pods remain for every Wednesday night of July.

"If people are worried about coming out again, they're in their own little bubble" remarked Chef Green as he plans to keep the pods in place after Covid-19 is no longer in circulation saying that it's a unique dining experience and will be around long after the pandemic is over based on what he told the Eastern Daily Press.

Similar structures have been seen in New York, but now the pods are being adopted by restaurants across Britain in preparation for an onslaught of hungry guests once doors open.

In a positive turn of events, his diary is now crammed with bookings throughout the summer.

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Other Restaurants' Solutions to their Economic Struggles

Guests ordering a meal on the expansive patio of Lady Byrd Cafe can eat at tables that aren't just placed a few feet from other customers-each is actually enclosed in its own greenhouse-like shelter.

The individual pods recall the long-Instagram-famous domes that dot the Thames-side patio at London's Coppa Club, but Lady Byrd owner Misty Mansouri told Eater L.A. that she took direct inspiration from Mediamatic, a restaurant in Amsterdam that installed similar dining greenhouses in May.

"Even though we have a huge patio space, I wanted to go the extra step for people who wanted safety," Mansouri told Eater as noted by LA Mag. You can watch the video below to see how restaurants are adapting to the COVID-19.

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