[Net Worth] How Much Money is Charli D'Amelio Making This 2020? She Shares a Few Tips

There are plenty of ways for people to make money while doing what you love instead of getting stuck on an office job.

Others have made money making YouTube videos. Others become social media influencers just to generate more income. But TikTok is considered a popular choice for moneymaking.

According to Distractify, the app was first launched outside of China in 2017. By 2019, it became the most-downloaded app in the U.S.

She currently has more than 63 million followers on TikTok and is known for her dancing videos. In just a week of setting up her channel, she has already gained more than 5 million followers.

Distractify managed to land an exclusive interview with TikTok expert and the CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, Alessandro Bogliari about Charli's success.

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How did Charli D'Amelio get so famous on TikTok?

Bogliari explained that Charli's rise to fame and stardom can be attributed to luck, perfect timing, consistency, and TikTok's algorithm.

"With Charlie, she became this image of the perfect TiktoK girl dancing... It was trending because everyone was commenting, 'I don't understand the hype.' Then they went from [watching] her videos and to then making fun of themselves saying 'now I get it,'" Alessandro explains about how users made content about watching Charli's videos, which then got her more views.

The TikTok expert also explained how lucky other TikTok users aided her in promoting her channel and how consistent she was in making trends and funny memes although she wasn't good at it. But her consistency compromised for that.

Alessandro added that TikTok users need to constantly be putting out new content in order to stay relevant, and to grow their following. "With Charlie, she's not doing anything so different from many others. But she was pushed through and then got popularity."

After all, according to a YouTube Video from Clevvr News, the TikTok Star charges as much as $25,000 per promotional post. But her rate can go as high as $30,000 to $40,000 per post. However take note that money is just for TikTok posts which lasts from 15 seconds to a minute. The dancer also has over 20 million followers on Instagram and almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube which is another story altogether.

Once the dancer had garnered enough views and likes from her audience, all her videos were automatically shared to the "For You" page. Think of YouTube wherein it often suggests users to watch this video because we like Video A. The "For You" page works in the same way as it can get you millions of followers

But ony if the content creator is active in posting new content every day. 

Charli also grew her brand by using hashtags and by participating in dance challenges.

For example, if you search #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter, users will see a lot of content form different soucres under one hashtag. This all helps with getting on the "For You" page  as hashtags link a user's videos to get more exposure.

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