[Fact Check] Man Whose Legal Name is ABDCE AEIOU Shows Proof on Facebook That He is Not Fake or a Scammer

By Urian , Jul 06, 2020 02:44 AM EDT

Fact check! A certain man with an unusual name takes it to social media to clarify that he is real and that he is not a scammer and that his name is not fake.

Picking out a name for your kids is an important responsibility as a parent since they will grow up carrying that name unless they decide to legally change it once they reach legal age.

In the Philippines, a certain individual by the name of ABCDE AEIOU took it to his social media account on Facebook to clear out all the confusion he has apparently been experiencing due to his unusual name. The post was made to address everyone who sent him a message and inquired about whether or not that was really his name.

The Facebook post

In the post, he had defended his parents saying they were not addicts for giving him that name. He also claimed the name and said that it was not fake and that he is not a scammer. He once again reiterated his name saying "I am Abcde Aeiou A. Mendoza" following up that he currently resides in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

The whole discussion started back on July 4 when a certain individual by the name of Jace Gonzales Munlawin posted a picture of Abcde's name in what seemed to be an academic record for the first semester of schoolyear 2020-2021. The document showed the name of the enrollee as Abcde Aeiou.


The post by Jace expressed how thankful he was for his parents giving him his name along with a capital HAHA reaction. According to the photo, it looks like that post was made from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Freshman group 2020-2021.

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The ID cards

Mendoza Alejos Alphabet, which is the official name on Facebook of the person who later posted identification cards of his name being Abdce Aeiou reshared this post with the caption saying "if anyone knows this person, please mention the name" playfully hopping onto the joke.

The account then posted 3 different identification cards showing the world that his name is real and to clear out any doubts about his name. He even showed a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID card which is one of the more respected forms of identification.

Along the TIN ID card came a VISA card with his name and photo once again proving that he is indeed a real person and his legal name is Abcde Aeiou Mendoza. The last picture shown in the picture is a picture of his highschool ID just like any other regular ID.

The full story with regards to why his parents named him that or if it was ever difficult or easier for him with a name like that has not yet been published. Stay tuned to iTechPost for more! Fact check, Abdce Aeiou is indeed a legal name!

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