What You Need to Know About Making Investments in 5G

By Eric Hamilton , Jul 18, 2020 05:10 PM EDT
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5G means the fifth generation. It represents the generation of technologies in the telecommunication sector. Bringing super-fast internet connectivity at the palm of your hand has been the target of this sector for a long long time.

5G is the latest technology in this regard. It is quite a significant improvement over its predecessor technology 4G. The sectors where 4G provided emphasis, such as- video call, video, and faster data streaming, 5G accelerated the progress in all of those sectors and more. 

5G is now the first generation of telecommunication technology which can achieve Gbit per second data transfer rate. With this kind of progress in data transferring speed, 5G could replace our conventional optical fiber-based broadband internet. Achieving this type of speed via wireless mediums was possible after years of research into the matter.

With the churning of generations- from just speaking on 1G networks, we are now on the verge of replacing wired networks with wireless ones. This type of technology will have a big effect on every aspect of our life. In the business sector- this means new opportunity.

With the advent of a new technology, the business activities around that technology usually ticks upward. This is especially true for the telecommunication sector. We experienced it with 4G and 3G before that. 5G will bring in some spectacular investment opportunities for the interested parties. In this article, we will discuss how the 5G scenario looks like for investors.

The investment options

First, we discuss where you can invest. This discussion will consist of conventional financial institutions such as stock markets and direct investment factions of the 5G aspect.

The stocks are the most common financial investment aspect for any type of investment. Companies in need of capital, give up tiny shares of their company on public markets to be bought and traded. 

5G tech companies now need more capital than any other company. They will go public with more and more of their shares. New technology-related stocks also tend to get priorities among investors. Jeff Brown 5G predictions by NoBSIMreviews predicts such a hike in stock prices for 5G stocks. 

5G stocks might be the best investment you can make right now as the prices are sure to soar after some time. These stocks might be valuable assets in the near future, when the stocks would provide tremendous tradeable value, not to mention high dividend possibilities. 

Where to invest

You could buy stocks in a company or directly invest in them. But where should you invest? Which types of technologies are worth investing in? In this section, we try to answer some of these questions. 

Internet of Things

IoT is a concept related to internet use in every sphere of our life. IoT is a concept of the internet application. It expresses how the internet can be used to maintain everything in our daily life. From house appliances to security, office, transport, medical, and communication, everything can be brought under the influence of the internet.

With a powerful network like 5G, IoT is now a possibility. An intelligent investor will take this opportunity to diversify his investment portfolio to include the companies that are forerunners in this technology, such as various smart houses, security, and communication startups that follow IoT principles.

Machine to Machine

Even though IoT is a broader form of machine to machine or M2M, it has significant importance in the field of 5G. Machine to machine is the concept of communication between machines. The primal form of computer M2M is LAN communication. With its speed potential, 5G is set to replace these types of wired connectivities.

Investors looking to invest only in technology could look forward to companies pursuing M2M. In modern AI technology, concepts of neural networks could be applied broadly to connect many computers. Various companies are already working on these types of technologies, and you'd be wise to gather information about them. 

Hardware companies

Big companies like Qualcomm and Verizon, who will be in charge of supplying hardware for 5G, will see their stock prices rise substantially. 

A feature of 5G technology is that it is hardware exhaustive. The tech relies on bigger wavelengths to provide increased speed. Creating such high-frequency lengths means the cells in a network will cover smaller areas. This will translate into more hardware demand, and thus the value of these companies will increase. This makes them a great investment option.

Other than network hardware, the new 5G will require new handsets. The shares of companies like Apple and Samsung soar every time a new tech such as this comes out. They are worth venturing into. 

Besides, if 5G is as revolutionary as it is being touted to be, then cellular networks will absorb computer needs too. When IoT becomes a thing, hardware companies like Asus, Sony, Gigabyte, Samsung, Apple, and LG will be in high demand. 

Diversifying portfolio

Shares are the most common way to purchase a stake in a company. But there are other, more diverse ways to do this. 

E.T.F.s are a popular investment medium in the tech world. E.T.F. or exchange-traded funds are much like stocks; they are even traded in stock exchanges. They are worth exploring for an investor. Tech business sites like R.O.B.O. or S.R.V.R. regularly show 5G-related ETF updates, and the indicators are all trending upwards.

Real estate investment trusts or R.E.I.T. provides a way to invest in 5G related assets. With the increased prevalence of ground hardware, the networks will require more and more land-based assets. An opportunistic investor may invest in such properties to get a fine return

The risks

New technologies are never risk-free, which is why the premiums are also ultra lucrative. You have to balance your risks and chances properly to get the ultimate result.

Investing in startups, as suggested above, always has its downsides. There's a good chance the project will not even see the light of the day. You will have to assess the risk properly before taking on such ventures.

Many tech-based companies may choose not to step into the 5G arena after you invest in them. Many of them will step into it but fail miserably. As an investor, you have to have a proper idea of how much risk you will take here.

Diversifying your portfolio comes with various risks too. If you invest in an asset you don't know, there's a good chance you will not get your money back, let alone profit. You will have to be careful there. Take advice from professionals in this sector. 

In the end, the investment decision is yours and yours alone to make. 5G is an up and coming sector that will go big without a doubt. Betting on the right horse is now your duty. 

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