EaseUS Data Recovery Software: The Best Tool for Recovering Data

By Eric Hamilton , Aug 07, 2020 12:23 PM EDT
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EaseUS is a software company specialized in free data recovery software for memories such as hard drives, pen drives, with Windows operating system, for Mac, Android and iPhone. In case you have lost important data due to broken Windows registers, viruses, forced to format or delete incorrect data, with EaseUS there are no more problems of this type as it is possible to recover any type of data in very few steps.

There is a Free, Pro, Pro-Winpe version and finally the one for technicians complete with everything. As for the Free version, it is recommended for small file recovery or  to  see the program that works and what it can offer to those who want to buy it as it allows 2GB of lost material recovery. By upgrading to the Pro version by purchasing the license, we have unlimited access to deleted data and free program updates. For the other two versions, there are small differences between the data recovery software functions but for more professional users. 

How do you recover data with EaseUS

The first thing to do is download the installation package on the EaseUS website and install it on your computer. Once this is done, a choice screen will be presented to select the resource to recover. This will start the automatic scan of the lost data of the previously selected resource and we will see begin to find the results of files in the bar below the scan. Scanning will take a long time, depending on the recovery files it can vary, but we will be satisfied once we find everything that is lost. We can then also select the type of search extension and also search for images only.

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Screenshot for select a location

Types of files

The files that can be recovered and in any case selectable are:

Graphics or images,


Once the program has found all the lost data, it will create subfolders with the data that can be found on the left sidebar. It is also possible to find a specific data in the search at the top right or once the desired data has been found in the automatic scan, it is possible to stop the scan, save the scan so as not to repeat the scan from the beginning and proceed to save the data.

EaseUS  data recovery software free screenshot for scan

Conclusions, opinions and prices on EaseUS

The program does its job perfectly, and it helps to save a lot from sending the broken storage devices to a data recovery service center. The Pro version for Windows starts from 69.95 dollars up to 99.90 dollars for Pro+Bootable Media version. The Mac version has a slightly higher cost than Windows and support Macs with T2 chips. 

Overall, it can be concluded that this is a program capable of recovering almost any data at the most affordable cost. And it  helps to recover data that similar software cannot. Most importantly, to  undelete files can't be easier with this tool.   

Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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