5 Ways to Make Your Internet Video Go Viral

By Hannah Smith , Sep 07, 2020 09:00 PM EDT
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Do you want to create a viral video? Whether you're an amateur with a dream or a professional business person aiming for advertising revenue, viral videos can be the way to go. But there are tricks to the trade, many of which are counter-intuitive. For example, your level of education or years of experience in your chosen field have almost nothing to do with the quest to get millions of viewers. Success in this uniquely modern realm is all about uniqueness, navigating social media, brevity, and coming up with an eye-catching title. It's possible to come up with a list of 100 or more tips for getting zillions of clicks for your creation, but most of them are variations of these five.

Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Don't rely on your favorite social media channels or platforms. Try a little bit of everything. If you check out some of the recent viral hits, you'll discover that the creators worked with at least a half-dozen outlets, including influential blogs and topic-specific websites.

Make a Detailed Marketing Plan

All business success begins with a detailed, written marketing plan, and this effort is no different. Create a list of your step by step strategy, noting how long you intend to spend on each one, whether any expenses are involved, and what you expect to get from each phase of the process in terms of clicks, viewers, and other essential metrics.

Use a Transcription Service

If you want more eyes on the task at hand, using a transcription service is a smart move. What does it contribute to the cause? For starters, people tend to respond and leave comments on videos that include full transcriptions under the viewing window. Even if you don't choose to post text on the same page as the clip itself, having a written version of the piece is invaluable as a marketing tool. You can send highlighted portions of that text to targeted bloggers, friends, influencers, news sites, and comment boards.

Plus, a top-notch transcription service can turn your creation into written words in seconds. When you choose to convert M4A to text, you're leveraging the power of the written word and combining it with the power of a filmed image, a dynamite combination that spells marketing magic. Transcription is both a money-saver and a time-saver because it boosts your productivity and workflow by freeing you from the lengthy chore of transcribing on your own. The final product can be in any of 119 or more languages and is fully editable.

Keep It Short

When in doubt, make it shorter. There's no hard and fast rule on this point, but if you view some of the hottest products in the video universe, it's plain to see that brief is better. Consider the two-minute mark to be a reasonable goal and try to aim for one minute if your message can fit into that amount of time.

Craft the Title Carefully

Spend more time on this step than any other, unless you have a quick, genius-level revelation. Practice writing catchy titles and read a few online tutorials on how to craft magnetic phrases that rivet the attention. People might criticize your title as click-bait or even accuse it of being misleading. The goal is not to satisfy critics but to rack up the view total.

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