Android 11 Introduces New Features

By Earnest T. , Sep 09, 2020 05:16 AM EDT
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Android 11 is here, after months of beta updates. This will be the latest OS version from Google. There aren't many surprises, but it's a worthwhile update for Android users. Android 11 is expected to roll out on several smartphones. They include Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Oneplus, and select Pixel smartphones. However, other smartphones are expected to follow. Pixel4 XL users can access the Android 11 updates. If you have an Android 11 compatible device, check the features below.

Text conversation updates and conversation bubbles

Android 11 has two improvements in text conversations. First, it will allow users to prioritize their conversations. Users will do this by separating conversations from notifications. With this feature, important conversations will not be buried by the notifications on your phone.

Android 11 update features conversation bubbles that allow users to access conversations within any application. With this feature, users can also move conversations around the screen. This update gives Android an edge over iOS when it comes to notifications.

Screen recording and access to smart gadgets 

The new Android 11 update allows users to record their screens installing other apps. This in-built screen recording feature allows users to record both audio and content. However, users need to enable this feature in the quick settings menu.

The other important feature accompanying the Android 11 update is access to smart devices. This feature allows users to access controls for their smart gadgets through the power button. All you have to do is long-press the power-button then controls will appear. This provides convenience in managing smart-gadgets in your home.

Extensive media controls and flexibility with permissions 

Android 11 features better media controls that allow you to select the ideal audio output from the notification section. This extensive control gives users the freedom to enjoy music without having to open and re-open media applications. Also, users can switch between different applications depending on their preference.

Android 11 has a new feature that allows users to provide apps with one-time access to features such as the microphone. The update will also reset permissions automatically if an application has not been in use for a while. Thus providing safety measures in case there is a change in the privacy policy or an app is compromised.

Android 11 pixel exclusives

-         Live View with Location Sharing

The live view location sharing feature allows users to meet-up with other users who have shared their location. However, this feature is only available to Pixel smartphones.

-         Text selection and better screenshots

Android 11 has updates that make it convenient to select text and take screenshots from applications. Users need to access the app card view by swiping up and hold. After this, they can now choose to edit and image or take a screenshot.

These features will only be available to users who have access to the smartphones mentioned above. If you have access to the above devices you'll definitely enjoy the amazing and convenient features. Else, it's hard to point out when you can expect to enjoy these features. However, if anything comes up we'll definitely let you know. 

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