PlayStation 5 Jaw-Dropping Size Versus Xbox Series X (Super Huge!)

PlayStation 5 Standard Edition will sell at $499.99 USD/$629.99 CAD. The Digital Edition will sell at 399.99 USD/$499.99 CAD. The release date is November 12, 2020, in some countries and November 19 everywhere else. The price is competitive with that of Xbox Series X which will sell for $499. However, size is an important factor to consider when buying a console. Illustrations from Twitter show that PlayStation 5 is very huge. It's bigger than the Xbox Series X and Series S. 

Console size is an important factor to consider. PlayStation 5 features internal cooling power. This explains its big size. Players will need ample entertainment space. The photos of the PlayStation 5 were published at Taiwan's National Communications Commission. The photos show how massive the console is. You might have to squeeze the console on your entertainment unit. A twit by 3D modeler and illustrator keisawada shows this difference. 

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The vice president of UX Design at PlayStation revealed why the PlayStation is big. Matt MacLaurin explained, "This gen is little supercomputers. While the 7nm process delivers amazing heat performance for power, the power is very extreme. This tech is still so fresh it throws a lot of heat so we need room to dissipate." 

Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 have already started. Both the digital edition and the twin disc edition. However, most are already sold out. This marks the next console war. PlayStation 5 is not taking its position lightly. The ninth console generation is intense. Sony is not taking any chances with the PlayStation 5. 

PlayStation 5 versus Xbox Series X: Size Comparison

PlayStation 5 is bigger than Xbox Series X. This is when positioned vertically. It looks like a PC tower close to a television. However, the Xbox Series X has a larger width. In other size comparisons, the PlayStation 5 wins. The Xbox Series X has a sleek aesthetic. PlayStation 5 has an effective cooling infrastructure. This explains the difference. Players will need additional space on their shelves. This might not be convenient for most people. 

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As shown by the latest trend, consoles are getting bigger. Players will have to keep this in mind. So before you pre-order consider the physical space available. This calls for planning. If your entertainment space is limited consider Xbox Series X. But if space is not a problem go for PlayStation 5. The discussion on the console's size has caused division online. The internet is divided on the subject yet it has not been launched. Some gamers think PlayStation5 is imposing. Others think it's futuristic and pretty. Whichever the case, PlayStation 5 remains Big. It's about 390mm tall and 260mm deep. Its width is about 104mm wide. However, the digital edition is 12mm less.

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PlayStation 5 is more powerful than Xbox Series X. PS5 loads 5.5 GB of data per second. Xbox Series X loads 2.4GB per second. This is a big difference in load times. Considering other aspects, the consoles are matched. They both support 4K and 8K resolution. They also have 16 GB of memory.

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