Giuliano Gigliotti is a Global Entrepreneur

Giuliano Gigliotti is a Global Entrepreneur
Photo : Giuliano Gigliotti is a Global Entrepreneur
Long gone are the days when entrepreneurship meant sitting in an office. The new generation of business owners, such as Giuliano Gigliotti, is able to see the world while making money. Gigliotti knows that first-hand, as his social media work has allowed him many opportunities for growth and networking across the world.

"Travel, to me, is extremely important. It all began with travel, really. I moved to Los Angeles right after high school. Changing my reality and going from Ohio to such a busy city wasn't easy by any means, but I made it. Now, I'm excited to see the rest of the world," he explains.

Each of Giuliano's trips is carefully planned. He doesn't go anywhere just for fun. In fact, he ends up creating connections and networking in various corners of the world that lead to mentorships and collaborations.

"I've made a name for myself by promoting my lifestyle, and travel is a huge part of it," he says, adding, "I don't take vacations, and each trip ends up making money for me while being a ton of fun. In the future, I even want to organize travel exhibitions that would allow more people to learn about social media and how they, too, can achieve location-independence." 

Another crucial key to success for Gigliotti is networking. "Luckily, networking is basically a second nature to me. It never feels like work and I enjoy doing it. And the crazy thing about networking is that you can totally monetize it! There have been so many friendships for me that have turned into business opportunities," he shares.

Once Giuliano realized how great of a networker he was, the profits started pouring in. Today, he sees work and fun as one and the same, and doesn't have strict business hours. "To me, business and pleasure are interchangeable. I like to travel to, say, London or Paris, or Mexico to meet like-minded people. Eventually, those connections turn into tangible dollars, and I've enjoyed the trip as well. It all makes sense, actually," he says.

One piece of advice he has for starting entrepreneurs is to always invest in themselves first. "Sometimes, you won't get the recognition you deserve even if you did all the work. This is why you have to put yourself first and put in your time and energy into getting better. This will really get you far," he explains.

To Gigliotti, public image is very important. He advises that anyone who wants to succeed takes the time to figure out what sort of persona they are putting forward for the world to see. "Keep your image consistent," he advises.

For every new entrepreneur, there has to be a solid foundation, in Giuliano's opinion. This isn't necessarily a certain education or a sum of money, but rather a mindset. "If you want things to work in your favor, you need to remain optimistic. This is a powerful magnet for people and business opportunities. You are always in charge of your mindset. It will get you far," explains Gigliotti.

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