5 Celebrity Video Game Cameos You Forgot Existed

Celebrity video game cameos do not always come by easily. That said, some of these celeb cameos are almost forgotten for whatever reason.

Like all of us, celebrities do love playing video games. While some prefer a casual FPS rather than a perplexing RPG, we can all agree that gaming is not always a nerds' hobby.

In this article, we're digging into our favorite top-five picks of celebrity cameo in video games that almost disappear from the face of the earth.

Celebrity Video Game Cameo: Ice Cube (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Ice Cube plays Chief Officer Joseph Bowman in Call of Duty: Black Ops. His face structure, voice likeness, beard line, and punchlines resemble O'Shea 'Ice Cube' Jackson a lot. Joseph Bowman serves as a loyal sidekick to the game's main character, Alex Mason.

Bowman's last words? It sounds like what Ice Cube would say, "You don't scare me, communist piece of s**t!"

Before that, the former NWA rap star also appears in Def Jam Rapstar as himself.

Treyarch & Activision released Call of Duty: Black Ops in 2010 on PS3, Windows, DS, and Xbox 360.

Eminem (50 Cent: Bulletproof)

Experimenting in other ventures is 50 Cent's expertise. When the G-Unit prez jumped on the gaming industry, he enlisted his 'favorite white boy,' Eminem, as one of the game's main characters.

In 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Eminem plays Detective Aaron McVicar, a corrupt police officer who provides information for 50 Cent and helps him find the one who shot him nine times.

Vivendi Games and Genuine released 50 Cent: Bulletproof in 2005 for PS2, PSP, and Xbox.

Samuel Jackson (GTA: San Andreas)

Not everyone remembers Samuel Jackson's days in the Grand Theft Auto series. In Rockstar's classic hit GTA: San Andreas, Nick Fury actor plays Officer Frank Tenpenny, the main antagonist.

Tenpenny is a morally corrupted officer, and he uses his connection in the drug & gangster world for his profits. He's violent, sadistic, and extremely manipulative. Carl 'CJ' Johnson, the game's main character, is more than eager to stop him.

Rockstar released GTA: San Andreas in 2004 on PS2, Windows, and Xbox. It's now available to download on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Kevin Spacey (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

Who could portray a villainous character better than the man who brings Frank Underwood from House of Cards to life?

Kevin Spacey appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as Jonathan Irons, the CEO of Atlas Corporation, a private military company. Once served as the US Army president, Irons left to form the company using his strong connections to the martial world.

Treyarch and Activision released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows.

Snoop Dogg (True Crime: Streets of LA)

Snoop Dogg joins Activision's True Crime: Street of LA  as himself. Uncle Snoop has his own minigames in this game and can be unlocked after collecting 30 Dogg Bones or entering a cheat code.

Beside voice-acting, Snoop also contributed to the game's original soundtrack album. He later received a nomination as Best Performance by a Human at the 2003 Spike Video Game Awards.

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